Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin
Largest of the lemurs, the ape-like Indri resides in Andasibe  
Biggest of all chameleons, Parson's chameleon can be seen at Mitsinjo  
Leaf-tailed gecko is common at Montagne d'Ambre.  
Ringtailed vontsira, Montage d'Ambre  
Endangered Suarez Baobabs, Montange des Francais  
Tsingy pinnacles, Ankarana (Derek)  
Daniel's 2018 tour on nocturnal walk  
Blue coua can be seen in Andasibe-Mantadia  
Only some 150 adult Perrier's black sifaka remain today  
Pygmy stump-tailed chameleon, Montagne d'Ambre  
Giraffe-necked weevil, Andasibe (Craig)  
Daniel's 2018 group in Mandresy Cave, Ankarana  
Daniel's October 2018 group in Ankarana Est  
Critically Endangered Diademed sifaka, Mantadia (Craig)  
Healthy coral surrounds Nosy Tanikely island  
Waterfall, Montagne d'Ambre NP (Derek)  
Sanford's lemur, Montagne d'Ambre (Craig)  
Daniel's 2018 group on the lake outside Ankarana Ouest  
Madagascar crested ibis, the country's heaviest flying forest bird  
Henkel's leaf-tailed gecko occurs in Andrafiamena and Lokobe  
Urania moth strongly resembles a butterfly  
Male Black lemur, Lokobe National Park  
Female Black lemur, Lokobe National Park  
Goodman's mouse lemur, Mitsinjo (Clive Marks, Rainbow 2018 client)  
14 day tour
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Tour Highlights

  • Lemurs and other wildlife galore!
  • Rainforest in Andasibe-Mantadia and Montagne d'Ambre National Parks
  • Baobabs on Montagne des Francais and at Ankarana
  • Tsingy and caves at Ankarana
  • Rare birds and colourful reptiles
  • Fantastic nocturnal wildlife walks
  • Psychedelic coral reefs at Nosy Tanikely
I'm enquiring about: Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin

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I'm enquiring about: Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin

Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin


We are proud to be offering this fantastic wildlife trip: join author of Madagascar Wildlife: a Visitors Guide; Madagascar: the Bradt Guide and Madagascar Highlights, Daniel Austin, on his popular annual Wildlife Extravaganza small group Tour with us.

After an incredibly successful and enjoyable 2018 tour which Daniel co-led with guidebook guru Hilary Bradt, he will once again be taking a small group of wildlife enthusiasts around a selection of Madagascar most impressive wilderness areas. 

During the tour, you will be able to see and experience a wonderful spectrum of Madagascar's natural highlights: there'll be Lemurs galore - from the largest (Indri) to the tiniest (various species of Mouse lemur); lots of Chameleons (again from the largest, Parson's and Oustalet's chameleons, to the smallest, the Pygmy stumptailed chameleon clade); rare birds including a variety of Vangas, Couas, the bizarre Cuckoo-roller and chance to seek Ground-rollers and Asity's; plus lots of endemic frogs, lizards (including fascinating geckos of the genus Uroplatus) and marvellous invertebrates. Flora will be astonishingly varied, from Baobabs and Pachypodiums in dry areas to Orchids and Palms of the more humid zones visited. 

Starting off in the far north of the country, the group will first explore the new Baobab Trail at Montagne des Francais, known for its dry-country flora which also includes impressive Pachypodiums and endemic aloes. From the far north coast, a short distance to the south lies beautiful Montagne d'Ambre, a tranquil national park where the noctunal wildlife in particular, is prolific. After undertaking guided day and night walks in search of the massif's often locally endemic wildlife, the route continues further southwards to the little-known protected area of Andrafiamena Andavakoera, not too far from Ambilobe. 

It is here that one of the world's 25 rarest and most endangered primates, the Perrier's black sifaka, is protected. Daniel and Hilary's 2018 tour delivered first class sightings of these enigmatic primates, of which there are said to be only some 150 adults remaining. Black Lemur Camp, the base for 2 nights, is a special experience as a whole. From Andrafiamena Andavakoera, the group will travel to Iharana Bush Camp at the remarkable Ankarana National Park, one of the famed 'tsingy' limestone fortresses which are found in the western half of the country. 

Day and night walks in the extraordinary Ankarana massif, where the group will explore caves, tsingy, take a boat ride on a lake and make a nocturnal walk in search of snake gatherings, will be followed with a trip through the Sambirano Domain to Nosy Be, incorporating a visit to Lokobe National Park for locally endemic fauna. We include a snorkelling excursion to Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve island. 

After flying back to the capital, what better way could there be than to end the tour with 3 nights in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, for a top notch Madagascar Rainforest Wildlife Experience? While here, a visit will be incorporated to Mitsinjo Parc, where guests are invited to plant endangered, endemic trees as part of the ongoing reforestation programme under way by proactive NGO Association Mitsinjo. 

As always, Daniel will be accompanied by respected Malagasy guide Harry (Hery) Rakotosalama. For those who would like to experience some of the island's most spectacular wilderness areas while seeing a wonderful selection of wildlife including many Critically Endangered species, this is a superb tour to join. 

Group size: mimimum 6 - maximum 10. 

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Day 1
01 October 2019
Flight from UK airports to Antananarivo (these are booked on an ad-hoc basis so fare subject to change).
On arrival this evening, you will be welcomed at Ivato airport and transferred to Relais des Plateaux Hotel where you meet the other participants and where you stay overnight.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 2
Day 2
02 October 2019
You will be transferred to Ivato Airport to check in for the early morning flight up to Diego Suarez, on the far north coast.
On arrival, you will be met and taken to Montagne des Francais, to enjoy the easy Baobab Trail. Afterwards, travel to Montagne d'Ambre National Park for a 2 night stay in Domain de Fontenay, with all meals included.
A night walk in the private park ought to reveal some wonderful nocturnal wildlife.
Accommodation: Domain de Fontenay
Day 3
Day 3
03 October 2019
Montagne d'Ambre makes for a super place in which to start a wildlife tour of Madagascar: easy trails fan out from the centrally located campsite, into the rainforest which is in an isolated massif not in any way connected with the eastern rainforest belt that will be visited at the end of the tour.
After breakfast, transfer to the national park where easy exploration should reveal wildlife including Sanford's and Crowned lemurs; reptiles such as Leaf-tailed gecko and tiny Brookesia chameleons and much more.
Scenic highlights include two beautiful waterfalls.
After dinner, another night walk is on the agenda.
Accommodation: Domain de Fontenay
Day 4
Day 4
04 October 2019
After breakfast, travel through some very interesting countryside along variable roads (there will be potholes and some rutted sections) to Andrafiamena Andavakoera Protected Area, where the group is based for 2 nights in the much-enjoyed Black Lemur Camp.
The drive will take about 4 hours, after which an introductory walk and a night walk should reveal wildlife unique to the deciduous woods in this area.
Accommodation: Black Lemur Camp
Day 5
Day 5
05 October 2019
After breakfast at Black Lemur Camp, head up the slope at the back of the property along one of the trails into the tropical deciduous forest, in search of wildlife such as the Perrier's black sifakas which dwell here.
Enjoy a picnic lunch in the forest. Afterwards, walk back to Black Lemur Camp, arriving mid afternoon and relax at the deck. After dark, make another night walk to seek nocturnal wildlife.
Accommodation: Black Lemur Camp
Day 6
Day 6
06 October 2019
After breakfast at Black Lemur Camp, travel for about 5 hours to Ankarana Ouest, where for two nights the base is the uniquely designed Iharana Bush Camp.
After settling in at the camp, a short walk will take you to the impressive tsingy formations nearby. Here, the 'Tsingy-tsingy' circuit will take you to marvellous viewpoints. Enjoy sundowners on one of the viewing platforms, and then descend to the nearby lake, where a short night walk along the shore should reveal various snakes which aggregate there in search of frogs. (This is a very unusual experience!).
A short boat transfer will take you back to the lodge, in time for dinner and and overnight stay.
Accommodation: Iharana Bush Camp
Day 7
Day 7
07 October 2019
After an early breakfast, a 90 minute drive will take you to Mahamasina Gate at Ankarana Est. After entering the national park here, a trail , takes you to some spectacular viewpoints for more of the 'tsingy' formations as well as the weird natural sinkhole 'Pert de Rivier;. During the walk, wildlife viewing is usually excellent, with more Crowned and often Sanford's lemurs; Ankarana sportive lemur; chameleons and birds including distinctive endemic birds such as Crested coua and Sicklebill vanga. Lunch at the national park.
In the afternoon, return to Ankarana Ouest to stay overnight in Iharana Bush Camp.
Accommodation: Iharana Bush Camp
Day 8
Day 8
08 October 2019
After breakfast at Iharana Bush Camp, transfer by road (drive time is about 4 hours) to the port of Ankify on the north-west coast, for the 30 minute speedboat transfer to Nosy Be.
Here, the group will be taken to Lokobe National Park, where the last tract of Sambirano Forest is protected, Sought-after locally endemic species include the strongly sexually dichromatic Black lemur and the Critically Endangered Nosy Be sportive lemur. Afterwards, transfer to Vanila Hotel to stay overnight.
Accommodation: Vanila Hotel
Day 9
Day 9
09 October 2019
In the morning, enjoy a boat trip to the marine reserve island of Nosy Tanikely, where snorkelling is wonderful over healthy heads of coral. Many visitors see Green turtles underwater here. On the island itself are roosting Madagascar flying foxes. After lunch on the island, transfer to Nosy Be airport to check in for the flight back to Antananarivo in the afternoon. Transfer to Relais des Plateaux, to stay overnight.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 10
Day 10
10 October 2019
Depart after breakfast to the eastern escarpment on a 4-hour drive, to the country's number 1 'must see' protected area, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park ('Perinet').
After checking in at Vakona Forest Lodge, your base for 3 nights, take an introductory walk in the rainforest to see some of the iconic species dwelling here.
Dinner will be followed by the first night walk, which will be at Mitsinjo Parc.
Accommodation: Vakona Forest Lodge
Day 11
Day 11
11 October 2019
An early morning walk into Andasibe ('Perinet') should quite easily reveal the amazing, almost chimp-sized Indris, which call like sirens between groups. Seeing and hearing these (Critically Endangered) animals in their rainforest home is a wonderful experience. You should also see Diademed sifaka and Common brown lemurs, along with various rainforest birds, notably the lovely Blue coua and delicate Nuthatch vanga.
Accommodation: Vakona Forest Lodge
Day 12
Day 12
12 October 2019
Mantadia National Park, about 37km from the lodge, is always a trip highlight. In this beautiful primary rainforest, nature enthusiasts come to seek Diademed sifaka, Red-bellied lemur, Black and white ruffed lemur and various endemic birds including Velvet asity and Pitta-like ground-roller. Afterwards, visit Mitsinjo Parc where guests are invited to plant an endemic tree - a wonderful way in which to literally put something back into Malagasy soil. A second night walk will be made after dark, to seek more nocturnal species including Goodman's mouse lemur.
Accommodation: Vakona Forest Lodge
Day 13
Day 13
13 October 2019
After breakfast and a final early morning rainforest walk, travel back to Antananarivo. Here, visit the incredibly inspiring Akany Avoko Children's Home, which is supported by Money for Madagascar. Enjoy a farewell dinner at an excellent restaurant.
You will have the use of day/evening rooms at Relais des Plateaux if flying out on Air France the next morning. Alternatively, stay overnight at the hotel.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 14
Day 14
14 October 2019
Air France flight departs at 00h55 to Paris CDG, arriving mid morning.
Connect with the lunch time Air France flight back to London Heathrow,or selected other UK airports.

Pricing Information & Dates

14 day tour, from £5795 per person
Price Includes
Price includes:

Return international flights from London Heathrow to Antananarivo (economy class seating)
Domestic Tsaradia/Air Madagascar flights
Airport taxes
Airport facilitation
Services of tour leader Daniel Austin throughout
Services of experienced Malagasy guide throughout
Services of drivers and of national park/reserve guides
Park permits
All transfers and transportation in 4-wheel drive vehicles
Speedboat transfers where required
All accommodation as outlined
All meals
Bottled mineral water

Price excludes:

Malagasy visa (35 Euros, issued on arrival)
Personal items (travel insurance, phone calls, laundry)
Price Notes
Single room supplement: £495

Accommodation on this Tour

Black Lemur Camp
Black Lemur Camp
Andrafiamena Andavakoera, Madagascar
Black Lemur Camp In remote Parc Andrafiamena Andavakoera,  Black Lemur Camp is a recently opened property (2016); no-frills but comfortable and managed by proactive NGO FANAMBY. It is about 4hrs......
Domain de Fontenay
Domain de Fontenay
Montagne d’Ambre National Park, Madagascar
Domain de Fontenay Best known for its 300 hectare private forest park, this lodge is located near Joffreville so offers excellent accommodation for those wishing to experience beautiful Montagne......
Iharana Bush Camp
Iharana Bush Camp
Ankarana National Park, Madagascar
Situated about 16 km from the town of Ambilobe, Iharana Bush Camp has eight bungalows with en suite facilities (showers not bath tub). The design reflects a unique crossover between traditional Malagasy and African styling.
Relais Des Plateaux
Relais Des Plateaux
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Relais Des Plateaux is positioned on the outskirts of Antananarivo and is just a ten minute drive away from the airport. Rooms are large and comfortable with air-conditioning and mini-bar. The hotel has a large outdoor heated pool and a spacious new restaurant.
Vakona Forest Lodge
Vakona Forest Lodge
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar
This is a family-run property and the best hotel in the area. It has 28 comfortable rooms and bungalows, a pool and stables in a eucalyptus plantation and private reserve 7km from the entrance to Perinet. The lodge is 140 km from the capital, about 3 hours by tarred road.
Vanila Hotel
Vanila Hotel
Nosy Be, the Mitsio and Radama islands, Madagascar
Vanila Hotel is a welcoming beachfront hotel run by the father-and-son team of Jean-Louis and Damien Salles and is one of the nicest on Nosy Be. It has good facilities and is an excellent base for scuba diving, sailing and deep-sea fishing.

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