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Craig Kaufman
Craig Kaufman Africa Travel Specialist
"With altitudes varying from 600m to 5,100 m above sea level and diverse rainfall patterns, Uganda's diverse ecosystems are home to a rich variety of wildlife. Aside from the great apes, for which Uganda is perhaps best known among wildlife enthusiasts, the country certainly has its share of plains game and predators."

Murchison Falls Reviews

Hi Craig


I thought the trip was excellent overall.  The wildlife at Murchison was superb, and what it lacked in quantity at Kidepo it made up for in the intimacy at the watering hole by the lodge.


In terms of the lodges, obviously Apoka was great but the lodge at Murchison was in a stunning setting.  Both would be slightly better if they had wifi throughout the day, and I felt their environmental credentials could be substantially improved by solar power and, in the case of the lodge at Murchison, getting rid of the single use plastic bathroom amenities.  I think the buffet style food at Murchison might not be for everyone, but I got the impression that top-end options were more limited in that park.


Joseph and Cathy were excellent hosts, and I couldn’t fault them.

Mr Atrill and Ms Morgan
January 17, 2022

Hi Craig, thank you for your email. We had an absolutely wonderful holiday thanks. All of the lodges and trips were fantastic as were the drivers and everyone we met out there. Everything exceeded our expectations

It was a lovely experience, well organised with lovely accommodation. Tour guides /leaders very friendly and helpful.

All excursions were very enjoyable. 

Overall tour satisfaction Excellent.

Service from Rainbow Tours Excellent

Service from our local partner: Excellent.


Mrs Salim & Mr Hassan
January 2, 2020

Superb highlights; two gorilla days- two boat trips- Ugandan Dancers- Semliki lodge- Elephant plains lodge- Chimp habituation walk-Primate Lodge

Driver/guides were great; flexible and informative. 

Need an extra day to acclimatise at altitude in Rwanda before trekking for gorilla.




Mrs Collins & Mr Dickinson
December 19, 2019

Derek and Craig

I had a wonderful time in Rwanda and Uganda and I would like to thank you both for all your efforts in arranging and planning the trip. The two guide, Augustine and Peter were first class, professional and their great humour & cheerfulness was fundamental in keeping group moral on some of the more challenging days. They were a pleasure to be with and huge asset to the tour.

Personally I was happy with virtually everything on the trip, the lodges, the places visited, the food, the whole adventure! Without wishing to add any negative tones, the only fundamental changes that would have eased some tensions with some people are the following:-

- Many companies have a tip pool, which the guide leader deals with on a daily basis, in which you start out by handing over

- The first gorilla tracking in which we climbed up to almost 3200m  -  most did not have suitable footwear. Now I thought that your notes were clear enough, but for others the trek difficulty, the mud, the type of walking gear required came as a shock. Maybe that needs high-lighting for future trips.

For me, I was happy with everything and I felt that anyone with common sense would appreciate what they had signed up for...  The countries of Rwanda and Uganda are beautiful places with warm, polite and welcoming people. I feel privileged to have visited them both, and for that I thank you both.

Well done both of you for doing a fantastic job.

Kind Regards,



Dr Rathbone
December 10, 2019

'Our driver/guide, Moses, was there and brought us to our vehicle.  Moses was very helpful and polite.  He did his best to give us a great trip and we appreciated his effort.  He was also very good at spotting animals on the safari.

  • Amuka Safari Lodge:  Your description was spot on so our expectations were met on this basic lodge.  We were the only ones there and the staff did their best.  Food was OK.  So, we were fine with this place for one night.
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:  We really enjoyed this and it was fun to do a short walking safari.  We were the only ones with the rangers and were able to get quite close to a group of five.  I’ve seen lone rhinos at a distance before so this was very nice to be so close.
  • Baker’s Lodge:  Just wonderful.  The room, food, and service was great.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to sit by the river and watch it flow by.  Our hut was very close to the river and one night we had at least 20 hippos right outside the hut munching away on the grass (and I mean only 2 meters away from the hut).  They were noisy and kept us up quite a bit but it was the experience that we will never forget.  Can highly recommend this place.  Really enjoyed the falls.  The park was also interesting.  For so many grazing animals I was somewhat surprised not to see some cats – oh well.'
Mr Provan and Ms Stash
January 5, 2017
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