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What You Can Do

Knowing that you are welcomed by local people will enrich any holiday, and there is much you can do yourself to be a responsible traveller. Here are some common-sense guidelines:

  • Eat out locally as much as possible
  • Try the local drinks rather than imported ones – some local beer for example can be delicious
  • Use local guides or porters wherever possible. You will be helping them financially, and they will often provide you with invaluable insights (always take the advice of your hotel or lodge when planning local excursions)
  • Plan ahead and give small tips wherever you can as this money goes directly to local people
  • Buy locally made souvenirs and crafts
  • Don’t haggle beyond what is reasonable – try to pay a fair price for goods, one where all parties are happy
  • Learn a little of the local language and customs
  • Remember that it may not always be appropriate to take pictures of people or certain cultural situations
  • Avoid giving money or gifts directly to children – we can help you donate to a local facility or organisation which can bring long term benefit to the community
  • Visit national parks and local reserves – your entrance fees will contribute to the success of the projects and the survival of the habitat and the wildlife that relies on it
  • Be water aware - take a shower rather than a bath, opt into towel and sheet reuse schemes, don't leave the tap running whilst you clean your teeth and report dripping taps.

We highly value your feedback

Please do get in touch on your return. We highly value our customers' comments and insights - good or bad! - and see our responsible tourism policy as something that should be constantly discussed and reviewed.

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