Botswana’s wild and unspoilt landscape is the perfect setting for a safari adventure, and its location means it’s a great base for combining with Zimbabwe or Zambia for an action-packed multi-centre trip. Our Africa Travel Specialist Amy recounts a fantastic week of safari, sight-seeing and satay-flavoured beetles!
My trip to Africa was packed with highlights – it’s hard to pick just one! After five days spent exploring the gorgeous wilderness of Botswana I made the short trip over to Zimbabwe and then Zambia to see the incredible Victoria Falls. Either country is a great option to add to a Botswanan adventure.
Over the course of my trip I saw a whole host of wildlife, making this an unforgettable trip. The Savute region of Botswana is a real hotspot for wildlife, and I was lucky enough to spot a pride of lions, a pack of hyenas and elephants while I was there. I stayed at Camp Savute, a great spot for wildlife-spotting. Camping in the Moremi Game Reserve on the Okavango Delta was beautiful; a particular highlight there was when two huge bull elephants brushed past the side of our vehicle – I don’t think they noticed us! I’m really glad I packed my camera – you don’t want to miss out on capturing moments like that!
My adventure in the Kalahari was a truly special experience. I spent two days exploring with the Bushmen, and learned all about their culture. We walked through the desert collecting bulbs, plants and bugs, and the locals showed me the traditional way to forage for food and water. Afterwards we sat in a clearing while my hosts cooked what we’d collected for a really memorable meal. One of the most ‘local’ experiences I had was eating a beetle with the Bushmen. The taste was surprisingly good, it reminded me of chicken satay! The texture wasn’t for me though; a crunchy shell with a soft middle – I don’t know how Bear Grylls does it!
I visited in May, the start of the winter in Botswana. Temperatures in the day are still fairly warm then, but it can get cold when the sun goes down. During the June-August period most lodges provide water bottles and extra blankets for any chilly nights. I would definitely recommend bringing warm clothes for a trip in the winter months. Pack lightly, as most lodges and hotels offer laundry services, but a warm fleece, windbreaker and a hat are essential. As with any trip to Africa, sunblock and insect repellent are also ‘must-haves’ at any time of the year. 
A trip to Botswana is also an excellent option for a really special ‘trip of a lifetime’ honeymoon – the views are breath-taking! There’s a wide variety of accommodation options, from tented campsites to luxury lodges. I’d also recommend this trip to more experienced safari-lovers looking for a new destination to explore. 


I spent the last two days of my trip in Zimbabwe and Zambia, where I was lucky enough to admire the famous Victoria Falls. The falls really are an awe-inspiring sight and a definite highlight of any trip to this region. I stayed at Waterberry Lodge, which was an ideal base for exploring. I visited at a time of year when the falls were at their most powerful. For a moment you can’t see anything for the cloud forming in front of the falls, but then all of a sudden the spray dissipates and the falls are revealed, crowned by the most beautiful blue skies. The view of the falls from either Zambia or Zimbabwe are spectacular and truly have to be seen to be believed!
Another highlight was a morning boat cruise down the Zambezi River to watch the sunrise. It was so peaceful and quiet – the only sounds were the birds waking up and the odd hippo grunt! The water was calm and it was just a real experience of ‘true Africa’. 
My trip was jam-packed with wildlife and adventure. Botswana’s location, means it’s perfect for combining with a stop in either Zimbabwe or Zambia for a trip offering safari, eco-tourism and sight-seeing. I can’t wait to start planning my next trip!



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