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You can go for early morning or mid afternoon walks into this fascinating dry deciduous forest in the Menabe Antimena Protected Area.

Terrain is flat and sandy, so grading of walks is easy. You can choose the duration of your walk with your guide, who will take you along the grid of well-mapped trails. Duration of walks in Kirindy is typically 1 - 3 hours. 

A highlight in Kirindy is the presence of some habituated Fossa which hang around the central campsite / research station. They are best seen in the late afternoons.  If you are very lucky and happen to be visiting during early November, you might even witness their mating behaviour as females are site- faithful, so return to the same large tree each year to await their suitors. Another viverrid which can be seen around the campsite is the Narrow-striped mongoose (Boky-boky): during our return visit in October 2019, we spotted it twice.  

On the road to the trail starting points, clouds of colourful butterflies often aggregate at puddles. There is birdlife galore, with 'specials' including Giant, Coquerel's and Crested couas; White-headed, Rufous and Hook-billed vangas; Madagascar hoopoe and rowdy colonies of Sakalava weaver. 

Resident 'herps' include the massive Oustalet's chameleon, Collared iguanid, Madagascar big-headed gecko and various snakes.  

Please note that visitors who also wish to visit nearby Marofandilia Forest (20 minutes drive from Kirindy), will not be able to be accompanied by the Kirindy guides - at Marofandilia there are trackers only. (It is managed by Fanamby).

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Kirindy Forest guided walk

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