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At the prestigious Plaza Grande Hotel learn about Ecuadorian cuisine; an emerging gastronomy that combines Creole ingredients from the time of our ancestors and the new products of the modern times. The menu that we have prepared is an example of ingredients from the 4 regions of Ecuador combined with subtle touches of our chef.

To begin the preparation of our Ecuadorian Ceviche, you will receive a chef’s hat as a courtesy of the hotel. The restaurant will be set up to present a display of the materials that each passenger will be using for the preparation.

Mini Ceviche -  Ceviche is a marinated combination of shrimp and vegetables, the most recognisable and traditional dish from the coast. Ecuadorians use this dish to cure a hangover and it is also the perfect complement for a meeting friends or informal events. The ingredients that will be used in the preparation are sliced white and purple onions, tomatoes, fish cut in small squares, shrimps, fresh lemon juice and oil. It is an Ecuadorian tradition to serve the ceviche with popcorn, green banana chips, and fried manioc. Don’t be afraid to put the popcorn and the plantains into the ceviche, a different flavour for your palate.

Main course  after the ceviche preparation you will be served at your table. There are two options:

Grilled Sea Bass, Creole preparation with onions, red peppers and tomatoes Served with steamed potatoes, seasonal salad and avocado

Sirloin fried steak with lentil stew, served with fried plantains and white rice

Dessert - There is a typical ice cream prepared only in the Ecuadorian Highlands, 'Helado de Paila'. Paila in English means frying pan which means that it is actually more a sorbet; prepared over huge bronze pans that are placed over Andean straw and dry ice. With circular movements the fresh pulp of the fruit obtains a consistency similar to a sorbet or locally knows as ice cream.

This presentation will be recreated for the passengers by our cucuruchos, typical characters of the Holy Week. The presentation of the ice cream is a show itself - you cannot miss this magical moment. A selection of flavours is available -  coconut, mango, chocolate, blackberry and typical fruits like naranjilla or taxo.


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