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Embarking on an Antarctica cruise excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that promises a treasure trove of incredible experiences. From towering icebergs and majestic glaciers to colonies of penguins waddling in their natural habitat, Antarctica is a playground for nature enthusiasts.

Our Travel Experts have braved numerous voyages to the white continent to scope out the best places and activities for you to truly cherish your time there. Pushing the boundaries of Expedition Travel, AE Expedition cruises have often hosted the team's quests on their astonishing ships, Sylvia Earle and Greg Mortimer. We can attest to their excellent onboard service (including delicious buffet-style meals!) and their promise of some epic adventures across Antarctica.

Here are our favourite places AE Expeditions can take you in Antarctica and the experiences and excursions to try in each spot. 

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Penguin & Seal Spotting in South Georgia

Embarking on a journey to the secluded South Georgia Islands offers an extraordinary spectacle of wildlife. You can witness thousands of awe-inspiring king penguins, seals, and remarkable seabirds harmoniously performing on nature's grand stage of sandy beaches, iceberg-filled waters, and towering fjords.

King Penguins favour the beaches as their base, and you’ll be amazed by the amount that gather here. If you’re lucky, you might spot three types of these aquatic birds on your expedition: macaroni, gentoo, and black-banded chinstrap penguins.

As for seals, you can find both fur seals and elephant seals in South Georgia. The vast majority of the world’s fur seals reside in this archipelago, while half of the elephant seal’s population calls it home too. This means you’re pretty likely to see one or two seals on the beaches, if not a whole herd.

Extra adventure in South Georgia: Shackleton’s Crossing is a great trek to take on while in South Georgia, especially if you’re a history buff. Shackleton, an intrepid explorer, led the ill-fated Endurance expedition to Antarctica in 1914, where his ship was trapped and crushed by ice. You can trace the last leg of his adventure with a three-day hike (if you’ve done the training!), and then visit the former whaling station at Grytviken, where Shackleton was laid to rest.

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Polar Plunging in the Antarctic Peninsula

The mighty Antarctic Peninsula emerges from the Antarctic continent in a finger-like shape, directing its path towards South America. Overwhelmed by mountains, some with peaks reaching 3,000 metres high, the peninsula is one of the most beautiful sights in the region. Nutrient-rich waters lap at the shores, inviting a thriving ecosystem to settle here, including seals, penguins, and whales. It’s also the site of the most southernly post office in the world, known as the “Penguin Post Office”. Around 70,000 cards are posted to over 100 countries each year from this remote spot.

AE Expeditions allow you to fully immerse yourself in the Antarctic Peninsula's magic with plenty of opportunities for polar plunging: a daring dip in the Southern Ocean's cold water. The Polar Plunge sometimes takes place onshore or, in many cases, from the gangway or Zodiac. You’ll be fitted with a tethered harness to keep you safe as you plunge into the polar waters, while your fellow passengers and Expedition Team cheer you on.

Extra adventures in the Antarctic Peninsula: Camping is one of the most popular activities in the Antarctic Peninsula. It offers you the chance to gaze up at crystal clear skies, and fall asleep to the soft sounds of the icy wilderness. With a sleeping mat, a thermal sleeping bag, and cosy clothing (with advice from the expedition leaders), you won't feel the cold.

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Bird Watching in Falklands~Malvinas

The Falkland~Malvinas Islands, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, offer an enchanting haven for nature lovers. With pristine landscapes, diverse wildlife, and untouched ecosystems, the islands boast awe-inspiring sights. You can explore rugged coastlines, and immerse yourselves in the mesmerising beauty of untouched nature.

Birdwatching enthusiasts will be captivated by the array of winged wonders gracing the island's shores. The archipelago harbours an impressive collection of 200 bird species, with 63 land bird species, including 16 exclusive to the islands. Highlights include the majestic black-browed albatross, the lively Falkland steamer duck, the charming Magellanic penguin, and the formidable southern giant petrel. Travelling between the islands, from Saunders Island to Carcass Island, AE Expeditions takes you to the best spots for birdwatching, with expert guides by your side to provide insightful information on the birds, their habitats, and the schemes in place to protect them. 

Extra adventure in the Falklands~Malvinas Islands: AE Expeditions' voyages provide an incredible opportunity for photographers and videographers of all abilities to hone their skills. On every expedition, an expert photographer is onboard to offer unique lectures, presentations, and practical tips. They will help you build your confidence behind the lens and capture your experience like a pro. Using their knowledge and experience, you can refine your photography and videography techniques throughout the journey.

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Scuba Diving in Weddell Sea

AE Expeditions offers an exclusive voyage to a lesser-explored region of Antarctica, venturing below the Antarctic Circle to the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Embrace the thrill of discovery as you navigate through the frozen expanse of the Weddell Sea, braving its icy obstacles. Scientists claim that this region has the world's clearest waters, and you can explore them in-depth with a scuba diving adventure. 

Scuba diving in the Weddell Sea is an extraordinary opportunity for underwater enthusiasts. Mesmerising ice formations, vibrant marine life, and unique species await your discovery beneath the water's glistening surface. You and your intimate group of divers can dive into the wild wonders of the Weddell Sea with confidence, as a vigilant Divemaster closely monitors your group from a Zodiac. 

Extra adventure in Weddell Sea: A visit to the renowned Snow Hill Island! In 1902, the brave explorer Otto Nordenskjöld and his Swedish Antarctic expedition had to endure two winters in the Weddell Sea, and the main expedition hut they used still remains on this island. While a relic of the region's fascinating history, it's also home to a colony of emperor penguins.

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Snowshoeing in the Antarctic Circle

The Antarctic Circle, a remarkable geographical boundary at approximately 66.5 degrees south latitude, sets the stage for an amazing polar adventure. Beyond this imaginary line lies a pristine landscape of ice, snow, and stunning natural wonders. AE Expeditions offer plenty of shore landings on their journeys so you can try some snowshoeing. Traverse the snow-covered terrain to witness breathtaking vistas, encounter curious wildlife, and experience the serene solitude of one of Earth's most remote regions.

Snowshoeing in the Antarctic Circle lets you appreciate the raw beauty of this frozen frontier. With expert instruction and guidance, and a personalised set of snowshoes and ski poles, AE Expeditions ensures a safe and immersive snowshoeing experience. You can truly connect with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Antarctic Circle.

Extra adventure in the Antarctic Circle: Sea kayaking in the Arctic Circle is an incredible way to traverse the waters. Learn how to navigate the seas with your own strength as you drink in the stunning polar landscapes, including the towering icebergs and pristine Arctic vistas. Wildlife encounters are common, with seals and various bird species often observed along the way.

Explore the icy waters of Antarctica 

Antarctica boasts some of the world's most stunning landscapes, and a huge array of fascinating wildlife to discover. Embark on one of our incredible cruise expeditions to this remote land with the help of our Travel Specialists. They have the expert knowledge to help you find the best Antarctic cruises for you. 

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