Five amazing experiences in Namibia 

Namibia is an incredible country of immense wildernesses, ranging from vast red sand dunes and rocky deserts to never-ending plains and a dramatic Atlantic coastline. While each of these alone are enough to warrant a holiday, Namibia is made all the more enticing by the astounding African wildlife that roam the land freely. At Rainbow Tours, we've explored the country extensively and our experts have picked five of the most amazing experiences available to make your Namibia holiday a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Quad biking across the Kulala Concession

Feel the wind in your hair as you take in astounding views of the Sossusvlei Desert, exploring the gentle sand dunes on a quad bike designed for adventure. End the trip at a spectacular mountainside viewpoint to watch the sun set, and relax with a cold G&T.

Climb Big Daddy Sand Dune

Head to Sossusvlei to tackle the vast red sands that appear in almost every image of Namibia. One dune stands out from the rest: Big Daddy Sand Dune stands at just over 300m and the heat of the desert makes completing this climb a real achievement. Set off early in the morning to avoid the strongest rays of the sun (by 8am the temperature can already reach 32oC). Pause to soak up the staggering views from the top ridge before jumping, running and bounding your way down, digging your feet into the cool sands. 

Track black rhino on foot

The endangered black rhino are almost never seen in the wild without the help of specialist local guides, and Namibia is one of the last places this is possible in Africa. Speak to a Rainbow Tours Namibia Specialist to arrange the opportunity to set off in the wilderness in Damaraland to track these impressive creatures on foot, safely and responsibly with a wildlife expert. 

Discover the Skeleton Coast

Where sky-high golden sand dunes descend steeply to shallow turquoise waters, the beaches of Namibia's Skeleton Coast National Park are scattered with the remains of shipwrecks and whale bones. For the most impressive view, take to the skies in a private light aircraft flight over the coast to return to your lodge. 

Game viewing

How could Namibia be mentioned without touching upon the country's fantastic wildife spotting opportunities? In Etosha National Park, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Namibia, tens of thousands of animals gather at the watering holes in the dry season. Most of Africa's big game, including lion, giraffe, zebra, cheetah and leopard, can be found across the vast bush, savannah and salt pan landscapes.

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