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From Sambava,  an hour’s drive inland towards the Andapa basin takes you to Manantenina from where you drive about 10 minutes on a bumpy road to the trailhead/vehicle park. 
This is followed by an interesting and brisk, guided 7km walk to Camp 1 in the rugged and rainforest-clad park. 
The first 3km takes you through open terrain with cultivated plots and secondary growth, followed by 4km in closed rainforest terrain. In this section there are some steep slopes. It can be very hot during dry weather. 
The rainforest part of today's journey is generally on an uphill gradient, with some steep sections; the rainforest canopy is mostly closed. 
You are accompanied by porters; they each take maximum 15kg luggage while some carry supplies. 
If done at a slow pace the walk from the trail-head/vehicle park to Camp 1 takes 5- 6 hours.  On the first night you stay at Camp 1. 
The 2km hike up to Camp 2, while being shorter in terms of distance, involves steep slopes. Grading is moderate - difficult; walking time 2-4hrs and elevation increase 350m. You overnight at Camp 2, which is where people come to seek the 'forest angels'  (Silky sifakas). 
Walking downhill back to the car park/ trailhead point: From Camp 2 back to the vehicle (about 9km in total) the walking time is just under 6 hours 
at a slow but steady pace. (2- hour descent from Camp 2 to Camp 1 and about 4 hours from Camp 1 back to the trailhead). 
Organising baggage:
Please bear in mind that aside from having a reasonable level of fitness and that facilities in Marojejy are very basic, trips to this park must be planned carefully 
and well in advance. 
Baggage should be organised so as to leave some at the park HQ office storage facility or rather, at your hotel in Sambava.
Accommodation notes:
There are three small, basic camps at different elevations. 
There is no electric generator at Marojejy. 
All supplies are brought in from Andapa or Sambava. Be sure to charge any equipment in Sambava before undertaking the journey to Marojejy.
Camp 1 has 6 basic bungalows (mountain huts), and Camp 2 has four. 
Bungalows are basic and have 3 or 4 beds in each. 
We shall arrange bedding for you.
Please be aware that there is currently only one (cold) shower and one loo at each of the camps. 
As an alternative to the basic huts we can arrange fully equipped camping: tents - which some prefer - are comfortable and 
everything is prepared for guests.

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