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  • Duration: 3 hours

The tour starts a with the visit to Vinapu known to be one of the oldest sites on the island (AD600). The stone masonry found on the Ahu Tahira is so intricate and advanced, it is often compared to that found in Cuzco in Peru. Next visit Hanga Poukura archaeological site located southeast of Hangaroa. It is an excellent example of an Ahu (open-air altar) belonging to an era of great turmoil on Easter Island (1680-1864 AD), at a time when the statue-cult lost importance and the moai (statues) were toppled, giving rise to new cults, among them the Tangata Manu (birdman). Finally visit Hanga Teè (Vaihu), where it’s possible to see 8 toppled Moai resting face down in their ancestral homeland.

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Half Day "The First Ahu"

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