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  • Duration: 6 hours

The tour starts out in Hanga Roa village, Easter Island’s largest settlement. From here, an 11 mile drive leads to Anakena Beach along the island’s central road, named Vaitea. Legend goes that Hotu Matua, the island’s first king, landed on this beach and founded one of the most amazing megalithic cultures known in the world. Another interesting site is Ahu Te Pito Kura with the largest Moai in the island, almost 10m high and weighing 90 tons. The excursion continues on to what is undoubtedly one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the area: Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater with an interior lagoon that has 396 Moais nearby. Just over a mile away is Ahu Tongariki, an impressive 220m long ceremonial platform. Here, observe 15 giant statues of different shapes and sizes. Finally, Ahu Akahanga is visited, another ceremonial platform of 18m in length that was never restored. The return to Hanga Roa goes through the island’s southern coast.

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Anakena Beach

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