Africa & Madagascar in April

Best for

As we come up to Easter this is a good time for Indian Ocean beaches, especially Mauritius, the Seychelles and Mozambique.

Oman remains a popular beach destination although the temperatures are rising.

Namibia, is no longer too hot, this is the time for a camping or a self-drive tour.

The dry season continues in Sierra Leone but will come to an end as May approaches.


Avoid most East African destinations, as this is the season of the long rains, and many safari lodges close.

In Zanzibar, virtually all lodges close as the rainy season arrives.

Rwanda and Uganda are also experiencing rain which can make gorilla trekking difficult.

Latin America in April

Semana Santa - nowhere celebrates Holy week quite like Latin America and two of the best countries to experience this week long festival are Nicaragua and Guatemala. Spend your time alternating between exploring the countries highlights and partying with the locals!

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