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Derek Schuurman
Derek Schuurman Product Manager Madagascar and Alternative Africa
"Ethiopia offers a very different wildlife experience: it is home to some of the world's rarest and most endangered mammals such as the Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex and Swayne's hartebeest, all of which number only some 500 individuals. Other endemic mammals include the unmistakeable Gelada monkey and localized Bale monkey."

Best Time To Visit Ethiopia

When to go

January to March is an especially popular time to go to Ethiopia as the weather is warm and pleasant, making the country ideal for touring. The largest Ethiopian festival, Timkat, is held in January and we run a small group tour that also takes in the historical sites. 

Throughout most of Ethiopia the rainy season runs from July to August. In the Omo Valley, however, the main rains fall from March to June and in November. With the upgrading of the airports along the Historic Route, it is now possible to visit the north throughout the year.

When to go to Ethopia - Climate Chart

Getting there

Ethiopian Airlines operates daily London to Addis Ababa. Flying time is approximately 8 hours. Alternatively, Emirates operates flights to Addis Ababa via Dubai. 

Time Zone

GMT +3 hours


UPDATE  All visitors require visas.  A single entry 1 month visa is also issued on arrival at Bole Interntional Airport for US$50 (cash)


Parts of Ethiopia (Rift Valley and far South) are malarial and precautions should be taken. Yellow fever certificates are no longer requested on entry. Always consult your doctor at least six weeks before travel and refer to this useful NHS website, Fit For Travel for details of recommended vaccinations for your destination.

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