Uganda Wildlife & Conservation Small Group Tour, October 2022
Fastest of all primates, Patas monkey is seen in Murchison Falls NP  
18 day tour
Including flights and transfers
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Tour Highlights

  • Gorilla tracking with Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
  • Primatologist/ornithologist/conservationist Charles Etoru as tour leader
  • Watching Chimpanzees and learning about their conservation
  • Presentations by rangers, guides and wardens, and meeting former poachers
  • Meeting people such as Batwa and Ik
  • Unforgettable wildlife and quintessential African scenery
I'm enquiring about: Uganda Wildlife & Conservation Small Group Tour, October 2022

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I'm enquiring about: Uganda Wildlife & Conservation Small Group Tour, October 2022

Uganda Wildlife & Conservation Small Group Tour, October 2022

Uganda      Rwanda

We are proud to offer this truly inspirational and immersive, small group set departure for October 2022. Our itinerary takes a maximum of 6 lucky participants in two 4-wheel drive vehicles, on the journey of a lifetime - one which is filled with awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, stunning tropical African scenery and warm, hospitable people. (One of the many highlights of this particular trip is its inclusion of Kidepo National Park).

Apart from savouring unforgettable wildlife sightings, this tour allows you to delve deeper into the relationship between the wildlife, the park authorities and the permanently resident communities, so as to understand, not just observe. Thrilling highlighs include tracking Endangered Mountain gorillas in Uganda and/or Rwanda, something with which few - if any - wildlife experiences anywhere in the world can compare.

The tour is led by respected Primatologist/Ornithologist/Conservationist Charles Etoru, who obtained his MSc in Natural Resource Management throgh Leicester University and who, aside from also being a tourism specialist, managed - among others - the Jane Goodall Institute Colaborative Primate Habituation Project under the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. Participants will also have the marvellous opportunity to track Gorillas with Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikosoka, a 2019 Tusk Conservation Award finalist.  

You will be able to learn about Mountain gorilla and other wildlife conservation through the eyes of the local rangers; resident guides, wardens and selected other specialists during talks, presentations, and discussions with the Gorilla Doctors/Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project; the Lion Monitoring/Uganda Carnivore Predator Programme, and the Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) organisations.

We will also take in an authentic cultural experiences with the Batwa people at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and at the Ndere Centre in Kampala.

Group Size: minimum 4 - maximum 6 participants.

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Day 1
05 Oct 2022: London Heathrow - Kigali
International flight from London Heathrow (or selected other UK airports) to Kigali, Rwanda. If on KLM, you arrive this evening.
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by your dedicated, professional, English-speaking, Ugandan driver-guide/tour leader, who will transfer you to your hotel where you stay overnight and meet the rest of your party, with breakfast included (approx. 30min drive).
Accommodation: Heaven Boutique Hotel
Day 2
06 Oct 2022: Kigali - Mgahinga Batwa Settlement Walk - Nkuringo, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
After breakfast, your dedicated, experienced and professional, English-speaking driver-guide/tour-leader will meet you at the hotel. You will drive to the Ugandan border, cross into Uganda to the boundary of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (an approx. 4hr drive).
Covering only 33.7km2, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is Uganda’s smallest national park. Many regard its location on northern slopes of three extinct volcanoes - Mt Muhavura (4,127m a.s.l), Mt Sabyinyo (3,634m a.s.l), and Mt Gahinga (3,474m a.s.l) – as the most scenically impressive in the country. The volcanoes are three of the six which mark the southern limit of the Albertine Rift Valley and are divided between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their slopes contain various habitat types varying according to altitude and the peaks provide a dramatic backdrop to a gorgeous location. The park is of salutary cultural significance to the original forest inhabitants, the Batwa.
By late morning, you will enjoy a penetrating cultural experience: you will meet the Batwa during the Batwa Settlement Walk, something which has been gaining in popularity due to its authenticity. A 45min walk through picture-perfect, fertile rural countryside, will bring you to the temporary homes of the Batwa. Joined by an official translator and mediator between the Batwa and the management of Mt. Gahinga Lodge, guests have the opportunity to ask the Batwa questions. This is not a staged: you can ask challenging and contentious questions relating to their (the Batwas’) forced eviction from the forests and the unfulfilled promises on the parts of the Ugandan government and the Uganda Wildlife Authorities (UWA). Expect honest and sometimes shocking replies.
Time permitting, you have the chance to visit the Batwa Vocational Centre to see the inspiring educational work being conducted by the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT) with the Batwa. VSPT has donated some land on which the Batwa learn to cultivate potatoes and wheat. Additionally they are taught sewing and craft-making skills. They are encouraged to sell their products and handicrafts to generate income for medication and food.
After lunch, you enjoy another varied and very interesting drive passing the wonderfully scenic Lake Mutanda en-route to Nkuringo in the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, where you will stay for the next two nights (an approx. 2.5hrs drive).
Accommodation: Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge
Day 3
07 Oct 2022: Uganda Gorilla Tracking with Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka!
After an early breakfast, you will be taken to the park HQ for a briefing at 07:00 on conduct during gorilla tracking. You will then meet Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka and her team of experienced ranger-guides who will take you into Bwindi's Impenetrable National Park, to seek out one of the resident, habituated Gorilla groups. ‘Dr Gladys’ as she is affectionately known, started the Conservation Through Public Health’s (CTPH) Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Centre veterinary unit at Uganda Wildlife Authority, and was the first full time gorilla veterinary doctor in Uganda.
Time taken to reach the Gorillas varies from as little as 45mins to a few hrs. They may be in bamboo habitat or in closed forest. Once the Gorillas are located, you will be allowed a max of 1hr with them. This is one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring wildlife experiences to be had anywhere in the world – superlatives simply fail to convey just how impressive it is. During the excursion, you may see other forest wildlife such as L’Hoest’s monkeys, Black-fronted duiker, Forest squirrels and various birds unique to the Albertine Rift, notably colourful Rwenzori turacous.
You don’t have to be an athlete to take on Gorilla tracking, but you do have to be prepared to traverse fairly steep, rough and uneven terrain for what could be a lengthy period of time. Rangers and porters always go at the speed of the slowest walker, and you will be able to make several stops for drinks or snacks.
This evening, you enjoy dinner with ‘Dr Gladys’ where she will tell you more about the CTPH, its history and its aims. The CTPH was founded in 2003, when scabies in gorillas was traced back to people resident around the park who have very little access to health care and to education about hygiene and disease prevention. So CTPH set about building a Gorilla Research Clinic, which then became the Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Centre. During dinner, you learn about gorilla health monitoring, gorilla conservation; community well-being and livelihood. You will also learn about work under way with community health, which is essential to prevent diseases being transmitted between humans and gorillas.
Accommodation: Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge
Day 4
08 Oct 2022: Optional 2nd 'Uganda Gorilla Trek' OR the 'Gorilla Habituation Experience Programme' OR 'Top of the World' Trek
There are three wonderful alternatives for today:
a) You could make a second Gorilla tracking excursion in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Nkuringo)
OR: b) You could go on a Gorilla Habituation Experience: this entails 06:45 to Rushaga, 23km away. Here you track the Rushaga Gorilla group. Once you reach the gorillas, you have the opportunity of spending up to 4 hrs with them. (Note: a maximum. of 4 guests is allowed for this activity so permits are very limited and subject to availability - if it is of interest, please book as long in advance as is possible to avoid disappointment).
OR: c) Enjoy a 2-3hr 'Top of the World' trek, which is a very scenic rainforest walk in the Nkuringo sector of Bwindi, during which you can enjoy stunning vistas of the Virunga volcano chain and seek out birdlife and small forest wildlife.
Accommodation: Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge
Day 5
09 Oct 2022: Nkuringo, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - Ivi River Trail - Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park
After breakfast, you will be transferred a short distance to Nteko village, the start point of an amazing walk through Bwindi forest to the Buhoma sector of the national park. This 5 hour ‘Ivi River Trail’ gives guests the chance to encounter various forest-dwelling species of monkey and wonderful birdlife. Take in stunning mountain and canopy views as you descend steeply, crossing the Ivy River into the rainforest. Upon exiting the Bwindi forest at Buhoma village, enjoy lunch, overlooking the rainforest canopy.
Upon exiting the Bwindi forest at Buhoma village, enjoy lunch at Bwindi Lodge, overlooking the rainforest canopy. After lunch, time permitting, you have the opportunity to visit the Conservation Through Public Health’s (CTPH) Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Centre, headed by 'Dr. Gladys'.
Finally, you meet your driver-guide and vehicle for the transfer north to the remote Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park where you stay overnight (an approx. 3hr drive). During this drive, landscapes change from lush green, fertile and mountainous terrain to hot, dry, and flat savannah country. Time permitting, enjoy a sundowner in Ishasha.
Accommodation: Ishasha Wilderness Camp
Day 6
10 Oct 2022: Ishasha (Game Drives & Reformed Poachers Initiative) - Mweya, Queen Elizabeth National Park
Ishasha is renowned for its tree-climbing lions. This morning, you explore Ishasha, driving over the plains in open savannah searching for herds of Buffalo, Uganda Kob, and Topi, as well as the tree-climbing Lions amongst the many wild fig trees that dot the landscape. You also visit the Uganda Kob mating grounds, a preferred hunting area of the Lions. This morning, weather permitting, you enjoy a wonderful bush breakfast.
This afternoon, you journey to the Mweya sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park (an approx. 3hr drive). En-route, Today, you are scheduled to meet the Reformed Poachers Experiential Tourism Initiative in/around the Ishasha and Kyambura area where you will be able to learn how they are managing after turning away from poaching, and, how to support such groups including the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project.
The discussions will revolve around the reasons behind poaching - storytelling, restorative approaches used by rangers and different tools used in poaching today, etc. We believe that collaborative work between visitors and hosts helps people to understand poaching and identify better practices which can be adopted in conservation programmes. All revenue generated through these activities helps by strengthening the ranger workforce and contributing directly to the permanently resident community well-being.
Accommodation: Kasenyi Safari Camp
Day 7
11 Oct 2022: Uganda Carnivore/Lion Monitoring Programme & Kazinga Channel Boat Trip
This morning, you will meet a researcher of the Uganda Carnivore/Lion Monitoring Programme who will join you in our vehicle for a unique wildlife experience that focuses mainly on the Lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
During this activity, you help to track the carnivores via radio-telemetry in order to monitor their movements into conflict ‘hot zones’, where they face the dangers resulting from encounters with resident people and livestock. You will be able tol learn how the results help to formulate recommendations for appropriate management of carnivores in the national park, and how this assists the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in conflict mitigation, as well as in wildlife rescue and relocation operations. Crucially, you will learn about the importance of involving community-based activities to increase participation of residents in wildlife conservation.
In the afternoon, enjoy a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel, a channel connecting Lakes Edward and George. The Kazinga Channel is home to one of the greatest concentration of Hippo in Africa and herds of Elephant, Cape buffalo, Defassa waterbuck, Bushbuck, Ugandan kob, Warthog, and other mammals come to drink at the waters edge. Birdlife is abundant.
Accommodation: Kasenyi Safari Camp
Day 8
12 Oct 2022: Anti-Trafficking Programme, Chimpanzee Migration Corridor & Banded Mongoose Research Project
This morning, the group enjoys a one-to-one with a Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger who will cover subject like Weapons Security; Wire Snare Removal; Law Enforcement; Anti-Trafficking Programme and the Uganda Conservation Foundation.
Rangers are fundamental to protecting and safeguarding conservation areas. Without them, wildlife will be lost to various illegal activities that add to the creation of long-term human-wildlife conflict. The project acknowledges the value of having well- skilled rangers who, on a day-to-day basis, protect and manage wildlife. During an organised guided walk, visitors can obtain first-hand information from the rangers.
You will then be transferred the short distance to the entrance of Kyambura Gorge where you enjoy a presentation talk by a member of the Chimpanzee Migration Corridor. This discussion be about chimpanzee and human conflict, with emphasis on the need to restore a migration corridor for their long-term survival.
During this afternoon, you will visit the Banded Mongoose Research Project located on the Mweya peninsula, which supports a population of over 400 banded mongooses living in twelve social groups. You will meet a member of the team of skilled fieldworkers who collect data about one of the Banded mongoose groups. The Banded Mongoose Research Project uses the Mweya mongoose population as a model sample to investigate the evolution of animal societies and thereby, to answer questions about the evolution of cooperation between individuals, and the resolution of conflict in wild mammals.
Current research focuses on causes and consequences of reproductive conflict among females; variation in cooperative behaviour among group members; functions of scent marking; decision-making in social groups; social learning; hormonal regulation of cooperative and aggressive behaviour and pup vocal communications.
Accommodation: Kasenyi Safari Camp
Day 9
13 Oct 2022: Mweya, Queen Elizabeth National Park - Kaniyo Pabidi, Budongo Forest Reserve
After an early breakfast, you enjoy another game drive upon exiting the national park. From here, you journey northeast via Hoima & Masindi to Kaniyo Pabidi in Budongo Forest Reserve (an approx. 9hrs drive).
Budongo Forest Reserve is home to the largest population of chimpanzees in Uganda with a population of about 800. It is also home to a stunning array of birds and other wildlife. At Kaniyo Pabidi, a community project has been established, where resident guides take guests out for Chimpanzee tracking and on on birding walks. This forest is home to 9 different species of primates, over 360 species of birds, over 290 different types of butterflies, which flit among some of the oldest trees in Uganda.
Accommodation: Budongo Eco Lodge
Day 10
14 Oct 2022: Chimpanzee Habituation Experience - Murchison Falls National Park
Today, you spend a full day in Kaniyo Pabidi, Budongo Forest Reserve in the presence of the resident Chimpanzees, observing their behaviour.
By late afternoon, you will be transferred through the Budongo Forest Reserve to the edge of the Murchison Falls National Park. On the banks of the River Nile (an approx. 1.5hr drive), you will stay for the next three nights at Murchison River Lodge.
Accommodation: Murchison River Lodge
Day 11
15 Oct 2022: Game Drives & Murchison Falls Boat Trip
This morning, hop onto a small petrol- powered car ferry which will transport you across the River Nile and onto the northern section of the park. It is this sector that most of the larger mammals inhabit - these include Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Lions and more..Enjoy an exciting game drive on the way to your lodge, where you should arrive by early evening.
An afternoon boat trip on the Nile will afford you the opportunity to explore the park from a different perspective. Stirring upstream towards the Falls, you can search for the animals and birds that inhabit this lush riverine area. You might encounter large pods of Hippo and huge Nile Crocodiles basking along the riverbanks. Elephant are frequently observed cavorting in the water, often within a few metres of the boat. Defassa waterbuck, Warthog, Bushbuck, and Cape buffalo frequent this area. Troops of Olive baboons and Black and White Colobus monkeys also inhabit the riverine woods. You can leave the boat at the base of the Falls and enjoy a walk to the top of the Falls (approx. 90min walk). This is an unforgettable spectacle to behold!.
Accommodation: Murchison River Lodge
Day 12
16 Oct 2022: Game drive in Murchison Falls NP and a park management talk by a UWA ranger
This morning, you venture out on another wonderful game drive into Murchison Falls National Park, in search of Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Warthog, Defassa Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Jackson's Hartebeest, Uganda Kob and more.
This afternoon, enjoy a presentation by a Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger/warden. This will focus on issues concerning management of the park, the famed 'Operation Twiga' (giraffe relocation), and the Uganda Conservation Foundation. It is believed that the Nubian and Rothschild's giraffes of Gambella and Murchison Falls regions respectively, have been found to be 'one and the same' according to genetic studies. You will find out how the giraffes have been settling south of the Nile River, and discover how successful the transportation of the 'genetic ark' has been, to date. You will also learn about weapons security; wire snare Removal, law enforcement, the anti-trafficking programme and finally, the human-wildlife conflicts that exist in and around the Murchison Falls area.
Afterwards, you will venture out on a late afternoon game drive in the national park.
Accommodation: Murchison River Lodge
Day 13
17 Oct 2022: Murchison Falls National Park - Kidepo Valley National Park
After breakfast, depart northeast on the long drive to Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda's remote north (approx. 7-8hr drive time). Kidepo is at the crossroads of the Kenyan, Sudanese and Ugandan ecosystems, and therefore provides an amazing and rare, special wildlife experience in a remote wilderness. You will stay here for the next three nights.
This evening, enjoy a nocturnal game drive in the national park.
Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge
Day 14
18 Oct 2022: Kidepo Valley National Park Game Drive
This morning, you venture out on a game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park, and wildlife dependant, explore the tracks/circuits in/along the remote Narus Valley, where much of the wildlife congregate for a large part of the year. Kidepo is home to 28 animal species not known to occur in any other park in Uganda, and over 460 species of bird. You will be able to search for lion, leopard, cheetah (this is the sole park in Uganda with cheetah), elephant, giraffe, zebra, ostrich and large herds of buffalo as well as Patas monkey.
This afternoon, you enjoy another game drive and sundowners.
Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge
Day 15
19 Oct 2022: Mount Morungole hike and meeting the Ik and Karamajong people
This day will be spent venturing up Mount Morungole*** which is in the remote hills of northern Karamoja. to visit the Ik community, Uganda's most remote and smallest tribe, with only 10-11,000 people. (They live adjacent to the Karamajong). This full day excursion will enable guests to learn more about the culture of the Ik, and savour stunningly beautiful scenery - the landscapes in the valleys below and into the Eastern Rift Valley of Kenya and over to Southern Sudan are simply breathtaking!
*** Note: for those who do not wish to hike up Mt Morungole, we will arrange a visit to an Ik community elsewhere.
Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge
Day 16
20 Oct 2022: Kidepo Valley National Park - Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (drive)
One of the UWA rangers in Kidepo will explain the local park management challenges, as these vary regionally. Depart on the drive to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, for an overnight stay in the Amuka Lodge, all meals included.
Rhino tracking this afternoon, means that participants will have had the opportunity to search for all of the 'Big 5' during this tour - and so much more!
Day 17
21 Oct 2022: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Entebbe (drive) and departure
A wildlife-related activity this morning in Ziwa, will be followed by the drive back to Entebbe. Upon arrival, you will be taken to the Papyrus Guesthouse where you have the use of a day/ evening room. Here you can freshen up and enjoy a farewell dinner.
In the late evening, those flying back to UK will be transferred to Entebbe Airport, where you will bid your guide farewell and check in for your overnight flight back to London Heathrow (or selected other UK airports).
Day 18
22 October 2022 - arrival back home
Arrive back home after an extraordinary tour!

Pricing Information & Dates

18 day tour, from £8575 per person
Price Includes:
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Guide
Price Includes
DATES: 05 - 21 OCT 2022
Group Size: Minimum 4 - Maximum 6

* Return international flights from London Heathrow (or selected other UK airports) to Kigali; Entebbe to London Heathrow (or selected other UK airports) in Economy Class seating
* 1x Uganda Gorilla permit per person
* 1x Chimpanzee habituation permit per person
* Accommodation in double or twin rooms
* All meals as listed
* All transfers and comfortable, 4-wheel drive transportation
* Services of Charles Etoru, a respected Primatologist/Ornithologist/Conservationist as your dedicated, professional, experienced, English-speaking Ugandan tour leader
* Uganda gorilla tracking and evening dinner with Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
* Services of a dedicated, professional, experienced, English-speaking Ugandan driver
* All excursions and activities as per itinerary
* All National park/wildlife reserve entry permits and park guide and scout fees
* Bottled mineral water

Single Room Supplement: £1,050
Price Excludes
* Uganda Visa (US$50, must be applied for online in advance), and Rwanda Visa (US$30, purchased upon arrival into Kigali Airport)***
* 'Optional' second gorilla trek on Day-4 (08 Oct 2021)
* 'Optional' Gorilla Habituation Experience Programme on Day-4 (08 Oct 2021)
* Any meals not mentioned on the itinerary
* Drinks
* Items of personal nature (travel insurance, phone calls, laundry)
* Tips

***You might prefer to apply for an 'East Africa Tourist Visa' this costs US$100 and it must be applied for online, in advance from the Rwanda High Commission/Embassy
Price Notes
Additional Costs for OPTIONAL ITEMS:

* US$ 700 per person: Second Uganda gorilla tracking permit on Day-4 (08 Oct 2021) (instead of the 2-3hr 'Top of the World' trek)

* US$1,500 per person: Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience Programme on Day-4 (08 Oct 2021) (instead of the 2-3hr 'Top of the World' trek)

Tour Route Map

  1.   Kigali
  2.   Bwindi
  3.   Queen Elizabeth National Park
  4.   Murchison Falls
  5.   Kidepo Valley National Park
  6.   Kampala, Entebbe & Jinja

Accommodation on this Tour

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Budongo Eco Lodge
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Heaven Boutique Hotel
Heaven Boutique Hotel
Kigali, Rwanda
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Ishasha Wilderness Camp
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Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge
Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge
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Hi Craig, thank you for your email. We had an absolutely wonderful holiday thanks. All of the lodges and trips were fantastic as were the drivers and everyone we met out there. Everything exceeded our expectations

It was a lovely experience, well organised with lovely accommodation. Tour guides /leaders very friendly and helpful.

All excursions were very enjoyable. 

Overall tour satisfaction Excellent.

Service from Rainbow Tours Excellent

Service from our local partner: Excellent.


Mrs Salim & Mr Hassan
January 2, 2020

Superb highlights; two gorilla days- two boat trips- Ugandan Dancers- Semliki lodge- Elephant plains lodge- Chimp habituation walk-Primate Lodge

Driver/guides were great; flexible and informative. 

Need an extra day to acclimatise at altitude in Rwanda before trekking for gorilla.




Mrs Collins & Mr Dickinson
December 19, 2019

Derek and Craig

I had a wonderful time in Rwanda and Uganda and I would like to thank you both for all your efforts in arranging and planning the trip. The two guide, Augustine and Peter were first class, professional and their great humour & cheerfulness was fundamental in keeping group moral on some of the more challenging days. They were a pleasure to be with and huge asset to the tour.

Personally I was happy with virtually everything on the trip, the lodges, the places visited, the food, the whole adventure! Without wishing to add any negative tones, the only fundamental changes that would have eased some tensions with some people are the following:-

- Many companies have a tip pool, which the guide leader deals with on a daily basis, in which you start out by handing over

- The first gorilla tracking in which we climbed up to almost 3200m  -  most did not have suitable footwear. Now I thought that your notes were clear enough, but for others the trek difficulty, the mud, the type of walking gear required came as a shock. Maybe that needs high-lighting for future trips.

For me, I was happy with everything and I felt that anyone with common sense would appreciate what they had signed up for...  The countries of Rwanda and Uganda are beautiful places with warm, polite and welcoming people. I feel privileged to have visited them both, and for that I thank you both.

Well done both of you for doing a fantastic job.

Kind Regards,



Dr Rathbone
December 10, 2019
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