Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin & Hilary Bradt 2018
Diadem sifaka is commonly seen in Andasibe-Mantadia NP (Mike Unwin)  
Longtailed ground-roller is found in Mikea National Park  
The amazing 'stunted' Grandidiers baobabs at Mikea Forest  
Parson's chameleon - largest of all Chameleons, Andasibe  
Bark-mimicking Fringed gecko (Uroplatus)  
Velvet asity in the eastern rainforest (Eric Mathieu)  
Grand Tsingy at Ankarana! (Mike Unwin)  
Perrier's (black) sifaka, Andrafiamena Andavakoera,(Toky Andramoro)  
The chimp-sized, ape-like Indri is easily seen at Andasibe  
Largest of all Chameleons, the Parson's chameleon at Andasibe  
On the 'road' to Daraina (Daniel Austin)  
Tour group in the field (courtesy Daniel Austin)  
Brookesia supercilliaris, one of the tiny Stumptailed chameleons  
Hilary Bradt, Patron of Money for Madagascar and guide-book legend  
Studying Madagascar radiated tortoise, spiny desert (Daniel Austin)  
The massive Oustalet's chameleon of the drier parts of Madagascar  
The rainforest-dwelling Pitta-like ground-roller (Olivier Langrand)  
Satanic leaf-tailed gecko, eastern rainforests (E. Mathieu)  
Boophis phyrrus, one of numerous tree frogs at Andasibe-Mantadia  
Easter lesser bamboo lemur at Andasibe-Mantadia  
Golden-crowned (Tattersal's) sifaka, Daraina  
Crested coua is common in deciduous forests  
One of the many striking endemic snakes of the genus Stenophis  
Tour leader Daniel Austin, co-author of various books about Madagascar  
Octopus trees, Mikea Forest (Derek Schuurman)  
Daniel & Hilary meet Madagascar's President, London, September 2017  
Giraffe weevils are easily seen in Andasibe  
18 day tour
Including flights and transfers
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Tour Highlights

  • Lemurs and other wildlife galore!
  • Rare birds, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates
  • 'Tsingy' & caves in Ankarana, the 'Lost World'
  • Perrier's and Golden-crowned sifakas; Indri and many other lemurs
  • Rainforest, Baobabs & Spiny Desert
  • Dazzling beach and Baobabs at Salary Bay
I'm enquiring about: Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin & Hilary Bradt 2018
I'm enquiring about: Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin & Hilary Bradt 2018

Madagascar Wildlife Extravaganza with Daniel Austin & Hilary Bradt 2018


We are immensely proud to be running this special set, small group departure which includes some far-flung and seldom-explored parts of Madagascar. During the tour, we will seek a selection of the island's rarest and most endangered wildlife; experience widely varied settings, from magical rainforests and utterly bizarre 'spiny bush', to otherworldly 'tsingy' limestone pinnacle-fields and caves, and in the semi-arid south, enjoy a stint at the Mikea Forest/ Salary Bay area, famed for its 'stunted' Grandidiers baobabs and mysterious hunter-gatherer Mikea people as well as the island's most perfect beach. 

What makes this tour really special is that it will be led and accompanied by the two authors of the Bradt guide to Madagascar, now in its 12th edition and continuously in print since 1984. Daniel Austin and Hilary Bradt MBE -  the two most renowned Madagascar experts - recently presented the new edition to the President of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who thanked them for “ promoting Madagascar, its culture and its unique biodiversity.” With their extensive knowledge of Madagascar, the pair set out to select the most unusual and extraordinary wildlife experiences for this itinerary, taking visitors well away from the usual tourist ‘hotspots’. The black Perrier’s sifaka and the golden crowned sifaka are just two of the species very seldom seen by visitors, making this itinerary ideal for a second visit to the island by those who have already done a ‘standard’ tour. 

The tour group will be limited to a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 participants. You will be accompanied throughout by an excellent, professional Malagasy guide. Accommodation varies from excellent and inspirational, to rustic - all locations have private, en-suite facilities. A reasonable level of fitness is required for some of the locations, such as Ankarana special reserve.  

Please note that flights are booked on an ad-hoc basis so fares are subject to change. If you would like to enquire about upgrades or using an alternative carrier, please contact us. 

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Day 1
Day 1
30 September 2018: Arrival in Antananarivo
Depart in the early morning (06h40) from London Heathrow (or selected other UK airports if flying from the UK) on Air France to Paris CDG where you connect with the mid-morning Air France flight to Antananarivo. On arrival this evening at 23h30 local time, obtain your visas and collect checked baggage. You will be met, assisted and transferred to the very conveniently located Hotel Relais des Plateaux to overnight.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 2
Day 2
01 October 2018: Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
After breakfast we depart on the easy 4 hour drive east along good, winding roads to Madagascar's number 1 'must see' protected rainforest, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Here we stay for two nights in the comfortable Vakona Forest Lodge. We will take an introductory walk into the rainforest here.
Accommodation: Vakona Forest Lodge
Day 3
Day 3
02 October 2018: Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
In the early morning we'll set off into the rainforest where during the dawn chorus, diurnal wildlife is at its most active. Our main target will be to see one of the resident, habituated groups of Indri, the largest extant lemurs. We'll hear them long before we see them, though, as their siren-like vocalizations carry for up to 3km across the rainforest. Walking towards the rainforest as the morning mist lifts off the canopy and the calls of Indris emanate from it, is Malagasy magic at its best! We should see a variety of other lemurs, numerous species of rainforest-dependent birds and a wide variety of reptiles, frogs and interesting invertebrates during our time here.
Accommodation: Vakona Forest Lodge
Day 4
Day 4
03 October 2018: Andasibe-Mantadia National Park - Antananarivo
Today we will take an excursion to Mantadia National Park, a beautiful primary rainforest about 37km from Andasibe. Here, a select band of rainforest-dependent mammals, birds and 'herps' (frogs and reptiles) not necessarily found in Andasibe, can be sought. We will look for Diadem sifaka, Red-bellied and Black & white ruffed lemurs, Eastern lesser bamboo lemur and birds including Pitta-like and Short-legged ground-rollers, Velvet asity and Nuthatch vanga. After dusk we will take a night walk in Analamazaotra, a rainforest concession managed by proactive NGO Association Mitsinjo. We will look for various species of nocturnal lemurs, along with many endemic reptiles and frogs. It is a good site for sought-after species such as Mossy leaf-tailed gecko and many of the Boophis tree frogs. In the mid afternoon, we depart back to Antananarivo to overnight in Relais des Plateaux,
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 5
Day 5
04 October 2018: Antananarivo - Diego Suarez - Black Lemur Camp
We transfer to Antananarivo airport for the flight to Diego Suarez, where on arrival we are met and transferred by 4WD vehicles to Black Lemur Camp - this journey (about 4hrs) entails some poor roads with potholes. We take an exploratory walk in the forest of Andrafiamena-Andavakoera protected area.
Accommodation: Black Lemur Camp
Day 6
Day 6
05 October 2018 - Andrafiamena Andavakoera Protected area
We spend today exploring the Andrafiamena Andavakoera community-protected forest area where we will do a morning and afternoon walks to seek the resident wildlife, notably the Perrier's black sifaka, one of the world's 25 most endangered primates. To see the sought-after Black sifakas, one of the trails takes about 45 minutes up a hillside and then walk for 15- 20 minutes deeper into the forest to reach their home territories. Be sure to take footwear with ankle support and a strong grip for all the protected areas in Madagascar. Here you can expect sunny and warm-hot weather, with pleasant, cool nights. Overnight in FANAMBY's Black Lemur Camp.
Accommodation: Black Lemur Camp
Day 7
Day 7
06 October 2018: Black Lemur Camp - Ankarana Special Reserve
After breakfast, we drive to Ankarana Ouest to stay 2 nights in the stylish Iharana Bush Camp. We make an exploratory walk in the 'Lost World Within the Lost World'. Ankarana is, as Hilary Bradt has written, the one place in Madagascar which really has that 'WOW factor'. This 20 x 5km limestone plateau is topped with fields of razor-sharp, friable limestone pinnacles or 'tsingy' and below the ground, is an extensive network of caves, passages and subterannean rivers. Where some caves have collapsed and between canyon walls, sunken pockets of tropical deciduous forest harbour large populations of rare wildlife.
Accommodation: Iharana Bush Camp
Day 8
Day 8
07 October 2018: Ankarana: tsingy, sunken forests and crocodile caves
Today we shall see Grand Tsingy (pictures) and other marvellous limestone formations, as well as awe inspiring caves and sunken forests that harbour populations of rare wildlife. This truly is, as HIlary Bradt describes it, the one place in Madagascar with that 'WOW' factor.
Accommodation: Iharana Bush Camp
Day 9
Day 9
08 October 2018: Ankarana Special Reserve - Daraina
After breakfast in Iharana Bush Camp we set off on the long drive across the north of the island to Daraina, where for two nights we stay at another of FANAMBY's camps, Camp Tattersali. We will stop for a packed lunch along the journey. The flagship lemur of Daraina is the very rare and range restricted Golden-crowned sifaka, which is easy to see here. At night we will search for - among others - the elusive Aye aye.
Day 10
Day 10
09 October 2018 - Daraina
We explore the dry deciduous forests around Daraina during day and night walks with our guides. If we are fortunate we may spot the strictly nocturnal, cat-sized Aye aye here. Other species resident include Crowned lemur, the rarely seen Fork-marked lemur and many birds and reptiles. We overnight in simple bungalows at FANAMBY's Camp Tattersali.
Day 11
Day 11
10 October 2018: Daraina - Iharana/Vohemar
After a final morning walk to seek rare wildlife in Daraina we drive to the relaxed north-eastern coastal town of Vohemar to stay for a night in the charming Baie d'Iharana.
Day 12
Day 12
11 October 2018: Vohemar - Sambava
An easy day today: after a leisurely breakfast at Baie d'Iharana, we will drive southwards to Sambava, the 'vanilla capital' of Madagascar and a centre of the Betsimisaraka tribe. We will do some local sightseeing and overnight in the Carrefour Hotel.
Day 13
Day 13
12 October 2018: Sambava - Antananarivo (flight) - Ambohimanga visit
We fly from Sambava back to the centrally-located capital city, where on arrival we are met and taken on a wonderful excursion to the Royal Village of Ambohimanga, one of the country's three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of salutary significance to the Merina people, this picturesque hilltop village is where departed monarchs had their summer homes. Depending on flight time, we can visit one of the country's most highly-rated restaurants, Banana Rova.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 14
Day 14
13 October 2018: Antananarivo - Tulear - Salary Bay
We transfer to the airport for the flight to Tulear, on the arid south-west coast. From here we are met and transferred an hour by road, and then a further hour by speedboat, to the lovely and secluded Salary Bay. This hidden gem is close to the remarkable Mikea National Park, an area few westerners have been to. Its attractions include marvellous Spiny forest with an abundance of thorny Octopus trees clawing their way up towards the sky; massive 'stunted' baobabs of the large Grandieri baobab species, and what is arguably the country'st loveliest beach offset by turquoise and aquamarine waters where a snorkelling excursion is definitely on the agenda.
Accommodation: Salary Bay
Day 15
Day 15
14 October 2018: Mikea Forest National Park
We take an excursion early in the morning into the bizarre spiny forest at Mikea National Park - terrain is flat so graded as easy. Walking around the otherworldly landscape created by the thorny Didiera trees (Octopus trees) is unforgettable. As we will venture out early, we are sure to see some of the endemic birds in the area such as Running coua, chabert and Sicklebill vanga, and after the early morning walk we return to the lodge for breakfast. We are then taken for an excursion deeper into the national park, where we can marvel at enormous specimens of the 'stunted' form of the gigantic Grandidier's baobabs: this is the same species that creates the infamous 'alley of baobabs' much further north near the town of Morondava. In the afternoon, we will visit a Vezo-Sakalava village and gain an insight into the culture of these semi-nomadic people, who trade with the mysterious and little known, hunter-gatherer Mikea people living in this area. If the head of one of the Mikea families who lives nearby is around, then we will be able to visit the family briefly. (This is never guaranteed however).
Accommodation: Salary Bay
Day 16
Day 16
15 October 2018: Salary Bay
An easy day today: those who wish can go on a snorkelling excursion - there is a very good site near the lodge. Or relax at deck or go swimming in the unbelievably turquoise waters. Alternatively, go quadbiking or if you feel like it, venture back into the spiny forest to see more of this incredibly unusual habitat with your guide.
Accommodation: Salary Bay
Day 17
Day 17
16 October 2018: Salary Bay - Tulear airport - Antananarivo (flight)
We travel back to Tulear by road to check in for the flight back to Antananarivo. On arrival, we are met and transfer to Relais des Plateaux where we have the use of day/evening rooms. We will go to the Artisans Market and also to Centre Fihavanana, which is assisted by Money for Madagascar, of which Hilary is a patron. After a farewell dinner, we will transfer to the airport to check in for the Air France flight (those flying Air France) departing after midnight to Paris CDG and on to selected UK airports.
Accommodation: Relais Des Plateaux
Day 18
17 October 2018: Departure
Air France flight to Paris CDG and from there connect with the Air France flight at lunch time to London Heathrow or to selected UK airports.

Pricing Information & Dates

18 day tour, from £7950 per person
Price Includes:
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Guide
Price Includes
* Return international Air France flights from London (or selected other UK airports) to Antananarivo via Paris CDG (economy class)
* Domestic Air Madagascar flights as per itinerary with air taxes
* All transfers and land transportation
* Services of Tour leader Daniel Austin accompanied by Hilary Bradt for tour
* Services of professional, English-speaking Malagasy guide and of drivers throughout
* Park permits and services of national park guides
* All excursions and activities as outlined
* All accommodation with all meals throughout the tour
* Bottled mineral water
Price Excludes
* Drinks (except for mineral water)
* Tips
* Items of a personal nature (travel insurance, phone calls, laundry)
* Visa (27 Euros, issued upon arrival)
Price Notes
Single room supplement: £670

Group size: minimum 6, maximum 10 participants.

TOUR DATES: 30 September - 17 October 2018

Tour Route Map

  1.   Antananarivo
  2.   Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
  3.   Andrafiamena Andavakoera
  4.   Ankarana
  5.   Daraina
  6.   Sambava
  7.   Tulear
  8.   Andravona and Mikea National Park

Accommodation on this Tour

Black Lemur Camp
Black Lemur Camp
Andrafiamena Andavakoera, Madagascar
Black Lemur Camp On a remote, forest-clad hill, Black Lemur Camp is a new eco-lodge managed by proactive NGO FANAMBY. It is about 4hrs drive to the south of Diego Suarez - the journey entails some......
Iharana Bush Camp
Iharana Bush Camp
Ankarana, Madagascar
Situated about 16 km from the town of Ambilobe, Iharana Bush Camp has eight bungalows with en suite facilities (showers not bath tub). The design reflects a unique crossover between traditional Malagasy and African styling.
Relais Des Plateaux
Relais Des Plateaux
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Relais Des Plateaux is positioned on the outskirts of Antananarivo and is just a ten minute drive away from the airport. Rooms are large and comfortable with air-conditioning and mini-bar. The hotel has a large outdoor heated pool and a spacious new restaurant.
Salary Bay
Salary Bay
Andravona and Mikea National Park, Madagascar
Salary Bay On a beautiful and remote stretch of coastline with sweeping white sand beaches and within close proximity to remarkable Spiny forest with the famed 'stunted' variant of the......
Vakona Forest Lodge
Vakona Forest Lodge
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar
This is a family-run property and the best hotel in the area. It has 28 comfortable rooms and bungalows, a pool and stables in a eucalyptus plantation and private reserve 7km from the entrance to Perinet. The lodge is 140 km from the capital, about 3 hours by tarred road.

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'This [video of Daniel Austin's Wildlife Extravaganza October 2017 tour]  is brilliant! Many of the animals I thought I saw, but missing so much detail. And such spectacular scenery. And Daniel, thanks for your exhaustive list and very memorable group photos.

Thanks especially to all of you for the great company. I am now back in Paris, where the chill and short days of winter are setting in. Our trip in Madagascar already seems like an incredible dream, brightened by that amazing and authentic country.

My best to all,  Tony'

Mr Kleitz
November 10, 2017

'Overall holiday satisfaction: excellent. A gem of an itinerary and lots of luck. 

Camp Mantella at Marojejy had the best cooking of the trip and facilities are fine (for a Yorkshireman!): comfort and facilities good; service, locations and meals all excellent. 

Le Soleil des Tsingy: excellent comfort, location, service and facilities. Food good. Very opulant. 

Camp Amoureux: very comfortable furniture and friendly staff.

Andasibe Hotel:  excellent comfort, service and location. Meals and facilities good. Enormous rooms and luxury facilities. 

Daniel Austin was a patient tour leader with a leaning towards herps (reptiles and frogs) and Harry, the ground agent leader was excellent in enabling connections, checking bookings, monitoring our health as well as ensuring we had a chance for our favourite beasts through communication with the local guides. We were very lucky to see so many things but Harry's hard work may account for Mr Luck. As a 4th visit to Madagascar I can say it was a remarkable trip'


Mr Armitage
November 9, 2017

'Ankarafantsika was great and we saw all the main species including Van Dam's Vanga.... Sending you two photos (Aye aye and Fosa) which are self explanatory.

I have published a 33 minute presentation of photos and video on YouTube.

For those who have the time and inclination to watch it


Mr Huntbatch
November 9, 2017

'I am missing the Malagasy forest walks already. It [Daniel Austin's Madagascar Wildlife Tour October 2017] was an amazing adventure for me...real discovery and conquering that have such exhilaration feeling. I enjoyed every day of the tour.

Thank you for organising all the logistics so well making it seemed effortlessly, and your deep knowledge making every encounter informative and interesting.

Yes I hope I can return one day.

All the best,




Ms Le
October 30, 2017
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