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The Falkland Islands Holidays

The Falklands are one of the last outposts of the British Empire. These islands are said to be the only place on earth where man and penguin live in harmony. The islanders themselves are hospitable by nature and the islands provide breeding grounds for some 70 difference animal species, including the black-browed albatross, elephant seals, sea lions and penguins.

With its windswept islands, long white sandy beaches, coves, cliffs and an intriguing history, this remote Southern Atlantic archipelago is really one of a kind. For the wildlife enthusiast, the Falkland Islands will not leave you disappointed, spot abundant bird life from the internationally endangered Striated Caracara, Antarctic Skuas or Southern Great Petrels, to Rockhopper, Gentoo, King and Magellanic Penguins. Share the beaches with Elephant seals, sea lions and spot Minke and Killer whales from shore or your boat. 

Travelling within the Falklands is much more than just a mode of transport, it is a big part of the adventure. The light aircraft, inter-island flights are known as FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Services) flights and FIGAS passengers will experience sublime views. Locals and tourists alike use the five Britten-Norman BN-2B Islander planes just like local buses – a means to an end to get to their final destination.

You can combine a Falkland Island holiday with a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula on some itineraries. Call our Latin America specialists to find out how you can fly directly from the UK twice a week from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to Mount Pleasant. There are also weekly flights with LAN from Santiago via Punta Arenas in Chile.

A view from the Falkland Islands Tourist Board

We invited Louise Taylor who works for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board to comment on her love for the islands.

"I arrived in the Falkland islands in 1999 for a two year teaching contract and simply never left! After nine years in the teaching profession, I decided on a change of career and was delighted to be employed as marketing officer for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board, promoting the Islands I am now very proud to call home.

The Falklands offer a fantastic way of life and a great visitor experience. Wide open spaces (the only crowds are penguins and albatross), virtually no pollution or crime (though it’s always wise to be wary of the striated cara-cara who is an expert thief!) and a great sense of community are aspects that I particularly value. Life is busy and fulfilling with plenty of opportunities to get out-and-about to enjoy the freedom of the islands, the intimate wildlife encounters and home-from-home hospitality that make the archipelago such a special place.

The small, outer islands are great getaways with exhilarating walks and wonderful wildlife you often get the whole island to yourself. Each has its own special charm - it's difficult to pick a favourite! Both East and West Falkland also have attractive settlements â getting out to 'camp' (the local word for the countryside outside Stanley, the island’s capital) is the best way to spend a relaxing weekend.) 

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December 2020 Eclipse tour with Hilary Bradt
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  • Wildlife
From £10895 per person
18 day holiday
Flights included
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Argentina     Chile     Antarctica & Falklands
Join a special one-off Small Group Tour for the December 2020 Solar Eclipse, accompanied by raconteur Hilary Bradt. The itinerary takes in some of the more off the beaten track highlights of Argentina and Chile whilst also including a unique experience of Christmas Day on the Falkland Islands.
Falklands Wildlife Tour
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8 day holiday
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Antarctica & Falklands
With its windswept islands, long white sandy beaches, coves, cliffs and an intriguing history, this remote Southern Atlantic archipelago is...
Falklands in Depth
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15 day holiday
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Antarctica & Falklands
The Falklands are one of the most rewarding wildlife destinations on Earth. Its remote location combined with rugged and wild landscapes...
Complete Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia
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24 day holiday
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Antarctica & Falklands     Argentina
Explore the far flung South Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica on this extensive in-depth exploration onboard the comfortable, well equipped...
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