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Candice Buchan
Candice Buchan Africa Product and Rainbow Tours Sales Manager
"" Possibly the most remote Islands I have ever been to, Sao Tome and Principe are completely off the beaten track""

São Tomé Island Holidays

São Tomé is the larger of the two islands, home to the capital (also called São Tomé) and where the international airport is located. 

Most visitors to São Tomé are nature-lovers, keen to try hiking in the interior, where most paths are cleared by athletic guides wielding machetes.

One compelling sight is the country’s stately roças, which seem straight out of an Isabel Allende novel. Some are huge, with castellated gates and forlorn, semi-derelict hospitals. Others are reviving as the world awakes to the joys of São Tomé’s delicious organic chocolate. A century ago, these islands were the world’s largest producer of cacao, and you can take estate tours to learn how this luscious fruit gets turned into the prized bars and drinking powders now available in gourmet shops in the UK.  Please do note however, that Sao Tome is a very poor country. 

We are able to arrange the following excursions during your stay on Sao Tome (minimum 2 people):

Tour of the capital, Sao Tome (about 5 hours): this excursion takes in the Municipal Museum; S. Sebastião fortress, Nacional Library, Historical archive, Presidential Palace /“Pink palace”, Cathedral, Municipal Market, Coco Market and Our Lady of Conceição church. 

Southern Sao Tome excursion: (full day trip):  explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in São Tomé in a leve-leve pace. Depart after breakfast on this mini adventure including stops such as  Água Izé plantation, Boca do Inferno, Ribeira Afonso town, São João plantation, Angolares town, Praia Sequeira waterfall, EMOLIVE (water falls), Malanza river, Porto Alegre, Jalé beach and Piscina beach.

Mountains and Coffee (full day): travelling into the heart of the island,  get to know the most iconic sites where coffee is produced. Visit Trindade town, Santa Clara plantation, Batepá historical place, Monte Café plantation, the Botanical garden - Bom Sucesso and the São Nicolau waterfall.

Northern Sao Tome & Cocoa plantations. (full day): taste Cocoa in the north of the island and take in scenery and the history of the “Roças” . This full day excursion visits Micoló, Fernando Dias, Agostinho Neto plantation, Guadalupe town, Morro Peixe, Lagoa Azul, Neves town, Monte Forte plantation, Anambô, Diogo Vaz plantation and Santa Catarina. 

Obo Natural Park hiking and visit Lagoa Amelia (half-day): Enjoy the views from the volcanic crater of Lagoa Amelia and discover the rainforest and its rare wildlife. See various endemicd Orchids and other plants in the botanical garden of Ecofac.

For those keen on seeing birds, we are also able to arrange excursions with a guide. (Several of the endemic species are scarce and confined to more remote and densely forested areas).  

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