Salary, Ankasy and Mikea National Park

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Helen Kennedy
Helen Kennedy Africa Travel Specialist
"You can’t help but be enchanted by the amazing wildlife – from the 'dancing' Sifaka (lemurs) to a plethora of chameleons, some measuring 2 feet in length and others as small as your fingernail."

Salary, Ankasy and Mikea National Park Holidays

Mikea National Park is about 120km north of Tulear (on the coast between Ifaty and Morombe), in the semi-arid south-western region. As such, rainfall here is very low, with precipitation occuring generally only on a few days each February. For the rest of the year, climate is mostly warm to hot, sunny and dry. The original habitat includes extensive areas of dense spiny bush (Euphorbia-didieraceae bush) interspersed with three species of baoababs, notably a stunted version of the largest, Grandidier's baobab. The park covers 184,630 hectares and is named after the mysterious, little known Mikea, among the few remaining people still practising a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Aside from the otherworldly setting created by the spiny bush and baobab woods, there are miles of quiet, white sand beaches and rewarding sites for snorkelling.  

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