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Candice Buchan
Candice Buchan Africa Product and Rainbow Tours Sales Manager
"" Possibly the most remote Islands I have ever been to, Sao Tome and Principe are completely off the beaten track""

Príncipe Island Reviews

Just a quick note to thank you for helping to arrange a very enjoyable trip. Everything went smoothly and the island was as beautiful as we remembered. The upgrade at Belo Monte was much appreciated- more for the lovely outside terrace than the plunge pool.

I think both hotels we’re coping well with their low numbers of guests. Belo Monte made a great effort in choosing different locations for dinner (although soup featured rather more than one would have liked) and Sundy Praia also had alternative locations with a high standard of food.

Since we booked, Sundy Praia changed the options which were included in the package, but after a discussion it was agreed that all of ours were included. Going to see the turtles leaving the nest was a highlight. However for future guests they need to be aware of the cost of such trips, particularly because they were quite pricey and because of the need for cash. None of our cards worked in any of the hotels - and we know other guests had similar problems. Our cards didn’t work at the bank either.

We are hopeful that next year our trip to Botswana will go ahead, but we very much enjoyed the alternative we took.

Thanks again



Mr and Mrs Keen
March 15, 2022

Broadly speaking we greatly enjoyed our trip and are most grateful to you for putting it all together and for your support whilst we were away. The two islands (and perhaps Principe particularly) reminded us of the West Indies where we honeymooned in 1965.

My understanding of the organisations behind our destination is that the Sundy Estate is financed basically as a philanthropic endeavour by Mark Shuttleworth, with the aim that it should be run on green sustainable lines, working with the environment. This appears to focus heavily at present on cocoa, coffee, tropical fruits, and of course tourism, with HBD Hotels (not sure of ownership of them) providing the heavy lift for this purpose.

Our appraisal of the hotels where we stayed; Omali Lodge – very expensive compared with the other two and frankly with pokey badly designed accommodation (no chair in double bedroom, one very small drawer, two miniscule shelves, two large bedside tables incorporating no storage space), menus only accessible by app which we did not attempt – there was a board in a completely different location. Doubtless these shortcomings are explained at least in part by the fact that it is better established and that it is located in the main island and does not have to try so hard to bring in custom.

Roca Sundy In one of the handsome buildings abandoned by the Portuguese in 1974, now restored but still a work in progress (a swimming pool is planned), much more spacious , with staff much more on the ball, and providing a good location from which to tour;  Sundy Praia – best of the three with accommodation to knock spots off most competitors and very friendly and helpful staff – but rather isolated for touring.

Sao Tome: obviously more to do, being much the larger of the two islands and I don’t think we exhausted the options. Roads very varied, some pretty good, others just the opposite.

Principe. Much less developed and perhaps because of this it seemed to be more scenic. Roads frightful – virtually all transport is in 4 x 4’s. It needs to be!

Both hotels on Principe were rather lacking in DIY alternative activities (slightly to our surprise very little use seemed to be made by hotel guests of the beach). It occurred to us that both locations might benefit from the setting up of one or two self-guided local nature trails suitable for pedestrians and which could have relevant explanatory signs en route.

We would not want to give you a negative impression. However we are trying to report accurately and whilst our overall sentiment was very favourable, there were glitches which it is clearly important that we should mention.

Another positive,  we were helped by some charming guides who did all they could to improve our experience, and the same goes for the staff, again perhaps especially in Principe and at Sundy Praia.  Very attractive special events were laid on particularly by the Praia catering staff.

I hope this is helpful. We enjoyed our trip. 


Mr and Mrs Hunt
March 3, 2022
Now all future tours cannot compare.
Thanks a lot. We got very lucky 😉