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Derek Schuurman
Derek Schuurman Product Manager Madagascar and Alternative Africa
"Ethiopia offers a radically different Africa experience - its remarkable 'historical' sites, unusual wildlife - including some rare mammals and abundant, diverse birdlife - and the people - especially in the South Omo - are utterly fascinating."

Omo (South Omo and Konso) Holidays

As Philip Briggs wrote in the 7th edition of his superb Bradt Guide to Ethiopia, NOTHING can prepare you for region encapsulating Konso and South Omo.

People come to this remote part of Ethiopia to see (and photograph) the truly remarkable people who live here - people whose 'norms and mores are as far removed as can be from those of 21st Century westerners (Philip Briggs)'. 

For years the subject of tourism to the Omo was one which sparked heated debate, but as Briggs spells out, the people of the Omo don't give a damn about what the western world thinks about them and actually, they welcome (sensitively arranged and carefully monitored) tourism as it provides them with a source of income and an incentive to retain their distinctive cultural identity in the face of inevitable westernisation.

Note that we will only send our guests to visit tribal people who have been in regular contact with outsiders for a reasonable length of time, and on proviso that such communities are happy to receive visitors.

Prospective visits the Omo region should be aware that while there are now small lodges permitting access to many of the tribes, the lodges are fairly simple but very comfortable with good service and good food. We brief our guests with care for the village visits - ask us for details and check out tipping guideline. 

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Southern Ethiopia Explorer
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NOTHING can prepare one for the experience of meeting the wonderful people of Ethiopia, notably in the South Omo region. On very carefully and sensitively arranged individual, tailor-made tours to this remarkable part of the country, your experienced, professional guide will introduce you to tribes such as the Mursi, the Karo and the Hamar.
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