Candice Buchan
Candice Buchan Africa Product Manager
"Namibia is so different to the African bush – I loved its desert hues and the animals that struggle so hard to overcome the harsh climate."

Etosha National Park Reviews

A very happy and welcoming atmosphere.

Mr Galt
October 30, 2014
Review items: Ongava Lodge    

The design of the main lodge and chalets is well thought out. The lodge is one of the best I have stayed in. 

K Reddy
August 31, 2013
Review items: Mushara    

Superb location with excellent wildlife viewing. Knowledgeable guide, friendly staff who found it funny seeing a European women driving into the camp!!

L McIlroy
July 28, 2013
Review items: Ongava Lodge    

Very impressed

R Sainty
July 26, 2013

A great stay (Mushara Camp) before going into Etosha the staff singing after dinner was brilliant.

Kevin and Lynda
September 15, 2011
Review items: Mushara    

Okaurkuejo camp was really excellent. 

Kevin and Lynda
September 15, 2011

Absolutely superb. Unquestionably the best rooms we have ever stayed in and terrific, friendly staff.

S Taylor
February 28, 2011
Review items: Little Ongava    

Excellent guiding and the staff were very accommodating when requests for different / additional meal options [were made]. The setting at Ongava Lodge is breathtaking!

J Cox
July 30, 2010
Review items: Ongava Lodge    

The family accommodation had separate rooms and each had en-suite bathrooms.

T Burns
July 30, 2010

Top marks for our stay

A Skipper
March 29, 2010
Review items: Mushara    
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