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Tanzania Holidays

Tanzania is the quintessential African holiday experience.

Brimming with arresting scenery, wildlife-filled national parks and fascinating cultures, all fringed by the blissful Indian Ocean coastline, Tanzania offers holidays to delight everyone. Whether you want to track the stampeding wildebeest across the Serengeti or swim with clown fish in the ocean, our Africa experts will provide you with the best tailor-made Tanzania holiday itinerary.

Tanzania safari holiday locations

In the north of the country you will find the most iconic Tanzania safari offerings. The vast 13250km² of the Serengeti is home to the greatest animal show in the world, the Great Migration. Nothing compares to witnessing the power and strength of this awe-inspiring natural wonder. The thundering herds of two million wildebeest, along with thousands of gazelles and zebras, follow the seasonal rains in a 1,000 km circular journey travelling across Tanzania from November to July, before taking their own  ‘spring break’ from August to October on the plains of the Masai Mara.  This monumental ecosystem supports a magnitude of animals, the list including 70,000 buffalo, 500 hippos, 4,000 giraffes with 4,000 lions, 1,000 leopards and 225 cheetahs. The predator versus prey interaction is truly survival of the fittest, a wonder to witness as the hungry predators follow close behind the prey in hopes of snapping up any weak stragglers.

Africa’s Garden of Eden, one of the continent’s seven natural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ngorongoro Crater is one of the best Tanzania tours. Over two million years ago, the original volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself creating a perfect basin shape and an incredible natural wildlife sanctuary. Within the walls of the basin you will see herds of elephants, buffalos, zebras and crowds of vibrant pink flamingos flocking around the alkaline lakes. The crater floor is home to prides of fat lions rolling amongst the grass, hyena, jackals and content dozing leopards hanging out of the trees.

Southeast of Ngorongoro is Lake Manyara. A small overlooked park, therefore blessed with a private intimate atmosphere, the flora and fauna offering is by no means modest. Filled with a plethora of big game and an oasis for birdwatchers, keep your eyes peeled for any of the 400 species of bird including the grey-crowned crane, white-backed vulture, superb starling and beautiful sunbird. Tarangire’s majestic baobab trees, towering termite mounds and abundance of elephant families offers yet another perspective to Tanzania’s offerings. Visiting all four of these destinations is a classic safari holiday, filled with many exhilarating and authentic animal encounters. 

A Tanzania safari in the south of the country, while different to the north is no less astonishing and stunning and is where you can delight in one of the world’s last untamed wildernesses. Africa’s largest game reserve, Selous is visited by a small proportion of Tanzania’s visitors. The 45,000km² reserve is filled with large numbers of elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, crocodiles and hippos, all walking wallowing and hunting in the woodlands, grasslands and swamps. Untouched by human interference, driving through the variety of habitats in Selous is an extraordinary experience of an unspoilt Africa.

Tanzania holidays on the Indian Ocean

Give in to the allure of the Indian Ocean, the serene palm tree fringed golden sands and the tempting vibrant world of the coral reefs underneath the calm crystal clear water. Providing the perfect end to your intrepid wildlife adventures, Tanzania’s coastline is filled with heavenly beaches and hotels to match the romantic peaceful ambience. Or make the most of the close proximity to Zanzibar and jump on a plane bound for the historical Stone Town, walking the cobbled streets before heading for your idyllic beach front hotel.

The invigorating thrill of safari before the relaxing paradise of the Indian Ocean makes for a special holiday or a wonderful honeymoon celebration.

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