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Holidays to Guyana means visiting pristine rainforests, open savannahs and spectacular waterfalls (the Kaieteur Falls are almost five times higher than Niagara Falls), not to mention vast populations of exotic wildlife and birdlife.

It is one of South America's smallest countries, situated on its north east coast, and bordered by Suriname to the south east, Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the south and the Atlantic to the North.

Guyana is the size of Britain but with less than 750,000 population and 87% virgin rainforest. Guyana receives only about 3,000 tourists a year which equates to what Machu Picchu receives in a day. So when you are on your Guyana holiday you know that you are visiting a place that is rarely seen by others.

Guyana is a melting pot of cultures; its ethnic makeup being Amerindians, Africans, Indians, Europeans, and Chinese which creates a fascinating mixture of religion, culture and festivals and cuisine that you do not find anywhere else in South America.

Wildlife spotting opportunities here are second to none with the chance of seeing Jaguar, giant anteater, giant river otters, black caiman, tapir, 8 species of monkey, tiny frogs, turtles, snakes and over 800 species of birds including the Harpy Eagle, one of the world’s largest eagles.

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