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Long and lean Chile is blessed with super-model looks. From the dry lunar landscape of the Atacama Desert in the north to the towering glaciers of Torres del Paine in the south - and with remote Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, Chile has an astonishing array of destinations and ample ways to explore them.  You can kayak through Andean fjords or instead find a family vineyard and drink in your view of the Andes with a glass of Chilean carmenere in your hand. In the parched Atacama trek across the salt flats or just soak up the surroundings from a natural thermal pool. It’s your choice. Chile just presents the opportunities.

Holidays to Chile

Southern Belle - Chile's great wilderness

If you’re looking for Chile’s most dramatic landscape, look no further than Patagonia. The most southerly point on earth (before you hit Antarctica) is a wild world of glaciers, icy fjords and sweeping steppes. Saddle up with local huasos (cowboys) to ride through its crown jewel, Torres del Paine.  Named after the 8000 foot Towers of Paine that stand guard over the park, you’ll cross thundering rivers, circle stunning lakes and spend the evenings enjoying traditional asdao BBQ.  By boat you can explore further, cruising the fjords to touch the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. 

Northern Star - the Atacama desert

From vast ice fields to one of the driest places on earth: head far north to truly appreciate the extremes of Chile amid the barren beauty of the Atacama Desert. The scenery here morphs throughout the day: early risers are rewarded with the sight of steaming geysers spurting up into the cloudless sky at the El Tatio geyser field, while the evening sun gives the deserts’ lunar-like rock formations a warming glow.  Explore the salt flats – keeping alert for lizards and flamingos, trek through rolling sand dunes, past cacti and pampas grass, or simply slide into the 33C degree water at the Puritama hot springs. By night the Atacama transforms again into one of the world’s best spots for stargazing. Join an expedition deep into the darkness of the desert to gaze up at the canopy of stars and spot the Southern Cross and splendour of the Milky Way.

The best Chile holidays

If you want to see it all (or as much as possible), our Essence of Chile tour packs in many of the country’s highlights. There are adventures in the Atacama and Patagonia, but balanced with time in Santiago and a little indulgence in the Central Valley’s wine growing region. Intrigued by Chile’s indigenous cultures too? The Chile Winter Adventure tour also includes far-flung Easter Island, where you can learn about the ancient moai, and meet the local Rapa Nui people.


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