Searching for Capybara in Ibera

By Amanda Sweeney

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Searching for Capybara in Ibera

Searching for Capybara in Ibera

Our Latin America Product Manager Amanda Sweeney has a long-lasting love affair with the Latin America capybara and enjoys nothing more than searching the wetlands of Argentina for these, surprisingly large, bundles of fur…
A strange looking creature with golden brown fur, tiny black eyes, large snuffling snout and an intriguing purr – I have been a great fan of capybaras for years. The largest rodent in the world, capybaras are found in South America inhabiting savannahs, dense forests and large bodies of water.
An ideal place to view these semi-aquatic animals is the marshlands of the Iberá wetlands in North East Argentina. Imagine my excitement at being invited to this area, home to hundreds of these fat barrel shaped furry animals. The Iberá Wetlands are accessed from the gateway of Posadas, a short flight from the capital of Buenos Aires making it perfect for a three or four night stay during your Argentina holiday.
Capybara Capybara

Puerto Valle lodge, a new addition to our Latin America accommodation selection, is located on the edge of the Parana River and the Iberá Wetlands. This incredible location creates a superb wildlife experience, exploring the grounds of the lodge with an expert guide for the wonderful capybara. Puerto Valle has a number of magnificent horses available for trekking in search for the sociable capybara, often spotted in large groups. Don’t get too close though as they have huge teeth and weigh up to 160lbs. Although sometimes domesticated, like any wild animal they should be treated with respect and kept at safe distance.

A group of capybara in the Iberá Wetlands A group of capybara in the Iberá Wetlands

After your capybara filled days, spend your evenings enjoying delicious local food with a robust, smooth red malbec. This is a quintessentially Argentinean way to finish your day of capybara wildlife heaven.

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