Western Dry Forests Holidays

Madagascar’s deciduous dry forests are the island’s most fragmented and endangered forest type, and are home to a unique assemblage of locally endemic animals and plants including five of the island’s six endemic species of Baobab and iconic lemurs such as the acrobatic Coquerel’s sifaka and the tiny Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur.


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Locations within Western Dry Forests

Andrafiamena Andavakoera
A new stop on the northern circuit, this 74,600ha area encompasses transition forest, humid evergreen forest and deciduous dry forest. There are also caves and limestone formations. With the establishment of FANAMBY's Black Lemur Camp, Andrafiamena Andavakoera combines well with Montagne...
Anjajavy Forest Reserve
This unofficially protected parcel of tropical dry deciduous forest has much the same wildlife as Ankarafantsika, with the addition of innumerable baobabs of three species, and even groves of cycads at Moromba Bay. By day, visitors can expect to see Coquerel’s sifaka and Common brown lemurs,...
Ankarafantsika National Park is 120km southeast of the west coast port Mahajanga, about 2 hours’ drive. Its 13,000 hectares of western dry deciduous forest protects much the same wildlife as the Anjajavy Forest Reserve, with the addition of the rare Mongoose lemur; Western woolly lemur...
Ankarana, on the northern circuit, presents a fantastic landscape, with its expanses of razor-sharp pinnacles (tsingy). The 35km-long limestone massif is pierced by caves and canyons, and, between sheer cliffs, sunken moist deciduous forests harbour rare wildlife. The reserve contains ten species...
Proactive NGO FANAMBY has been conducting a conservation programme in the area of Daraina, northern Madagascar (inland from Vohemar) since 2005. In the Loky-Manambato protected area, 719km consists of dry deciduous forest, mangrove and savannah. Wildlife enthusiasts come to the highly fragmented...
Kirindy Forest
Famed for its gigantic Grandidier’s baobabs – as well as two of Madagascar’s other endemic baobab species, (Adansonia rubrostipa and the large southern species A. za), Kirindy comprises 10,000 hectares of dry deciduous forest on flat, sandy terrain.The forest is a 2 hour...
Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
One of Madagascar's largest national parks, remote Tsingy de Bemaraha is also a World Heritage Site. It is one of western Madagascar's spectacular limestone karst plateaux topped with fields of razor-sharp, friable pinnacles or 'tsingy'.

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