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Helen Kennedy
Helen Kennedy Africa Travel Specialist
"I loved seeing the scenery change as we travelled along the RN7. Ranomafana National Park is a real highlight as is the bizarre Ifaty Spiny Forest with its bloated Baobabs, Moringas and Pachypodiums, and the tall, thorny Octopus or Didiera trees."

The South Holidays

The island’s most beguiling and unusual region is its semi-arid South, much of which is comprised of the ‘spiny desert’, a harsh land of thorny octopus trees interspersed with an assortment of bloated, drought-resistant plants such as Baobabs, Moringas and tall Pachypodiums. The people of this region – particularly the Antandroy and Mahafaly – are known for their elaborate and colourfully painted tombs, of which fine examples can be seen either along the RN7 near Sakaraha or in the Ifotaka Community Forest area.

Locations within The South

Ambalavao and Anja Parc
The southernmost Highlands town of any size, Ambalavao is close to the very popular community-run protected area, Anja Parc.
Berenty Private Reserve
Madagascar’s best-known reserve is famous for the habituated Ringtail lemurs and 'dancing' Verreaux’ sifaka dwelling in the gallery forest.
Ifaty offers a special combination of birds, baobabs and beaches. It is best known for its remarkable spiny bush, where the two locally protected parcels at Mosa Forest and Reniala, offer visitors the chance to see rare wildlife, birds and amazing flora. Snorkelling and diving are easy to arrange at the hotels - or go out with the local Veso fishermen. The road from Tulear to Ifaty was tarred in September 2016 so access is easy.
Ifotaka Community Forest
Explore sacred gallery forest and healthy spiny forest; see Ringtails, Verreaux's sifakas and White-footed sportive lemurs.
Isalo National Park
A wonderful place for walking and hiking, Isalo has spectacular rock formations, diverse landscapes and extraordinary succulents.
Salary, Ankasy and Mikea National Park
With dazzling, turquoise waters, deserted white-sand beaches and inland, the remarkable spiny and baobab forest of Mikea National Park, the Salary-Andranovona region is a superb location at which to end any busy tour to Madagascar.
Tsimanampetsotsa  National Park and Anakao
Anakao is a remote and relaxed Veso fishing village south of Tulear. As it is well away from the tourist beaten track, it makes for a great place at which to end a trip to Madagascar. Inland from Anakao in arid south-west Madagascar, Lake Tsimanampetsotsa National Park protects a milky blue soda lake, chalk caves and remarkable spiny bush. Flagship animals include the locally common (nocturnal) Grandidier's vontsira and Ringtai lemur (shy here).
Zombitse-Vohibasia Forest National Park
The last remaining stand of transition forest where the dry southern and western floristic domains merge, Zombitse has long been included in most wildlife itineraries for Madagascar as a stop between Isalo and Tulear.

Some of Our The South Holiday Ideas

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