Eastern Rainforests Holidays

Madagascar’s Eastern Rainforests extend in a discontinuous band almost from Vohemar in the north-east, right down to tracts of montane rainforest near Fort Dauphin on the south-east coast. Once, this rainforest band, the ‘Madagascar Sylva’, had no equal and remains a treasure chest for naturalists, where discoveries new to scientists are still appearing on a regular basis. It is this ecotype which holds the greatest biodiversity, so a visit to at least one rainforest is a ‘must’ for any visitors spending time in the country.

Locations within Eastern Rainforests

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
'Perinet' is the French name for the railway station at the town of Andasibe and for the Analamazaotra Special Reserve. It forms part of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. With its well-maintained, broad and gentle trails, 'Perinet's' location only 145km east of the capital,...
Masoala National Park
A World Heritage Site Masoala National Park encompasses rainforest, coastal forest, marsh and mangrove habitats. Look for the Eastern woolly lemur and the Red-ruffed.
Montagne d’Ambre National Park
Montagne d’Ambre National Park is a forested volcanic massif in northern Madagascar with crater lakes, waterfalls and is home to both Crowned and Sanfords lemur.
Pangalanes Canal
This 645km series of man-made lakes and waterways extends from Foulpoint near Tamatave, south to Faragangana. One of its northern lakes, Ampitabe, is where Le Palmarium - a popular stop for natural history photographers - is located.
Ranomafana National Park
Ranomafana National Park is a particularly rich and beautiful mid-altitude montane rainforest reserve in south eastern Madagascar. The park was created in 1991 to protect the critically endangered Golden Bamboo lemur, discovered by Dr. Patricia Wright in 1986, and the critically endangered Greater...
In the 'SAVA' region of remote north-east Madagascar, this coastal town functions as gateway to some of north-east Madagascar's best attractions: for hiking and natural history enthusiasts, few places can beat Marojejy National Park. Further up north, is the relaxed and smaller coastal...

Some of Our Eastern Rainforests Holiday Ideas

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