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I'm enquiring about: Uakari Lodge

Uakari Lodge

Brazil Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Uakari Lodge is a perfect choice for those looking to immerse themselves into Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. The Mamirauá Reserve located in the Middle Solimoes region, home to the Uakari Lodge, is an extremely eco-orientated destination with a strong emphasis on the local community and preservation of the area.

Uakari Lodge consists of 7 wooden constructions which float in the water and feature; 10 apartments each with a terrace looking out to the forest as well as a restaurant and bar area, television room, library and a conference room.  At the restaurant at Uakari, Brazilian dishes are prepared using produce from the Amazon (no red meat is served) and at the bar, you can enjoy a variety of national and international drinks.

During your stay in the Uakari Lodge, you can take canoes through the lakes of the Amazon and Japura Rivers, spotting pink river dolphins and hoatzins and in the evening, possibly spot a jaguar! If you enjoy walking take one of the 11 trails which run through the forest (maximum length 3 hours) and see many types of monkeys and the three toed sloth. You can even take an excursion to visit the river people to see their unique way of life.

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