Discover Ethiopia 16-day Private Tour
Beta Giorgis at Lalibela  
Ethiopian wolf on the Sanetti Plateau  
Blue Nile Falls Bahir Dar  
Mural at Azwa Maryam Monastery Bahir Dar  
Imperial Compound in Gondar  
Mural at Debre Birhan Selassie in Gondar  
Sanetti Plateau moorlands: the Roof of Africa!  
Gelada monkey male in Simien Mountains  
16 day tour
Including flights
Prices from
£4970 - £5400

Tour Highlights

  • Lake Tana's island monasteries
  • Awe-inspiring scenery in Simien & Bale Mountains, Rift Valley Lakes
  • Critically endangered wildlife and abundant birdlife
  • Lalibela's amazing rock-hewn churches
  • Vibrant Addis Ababa
  • Ethiopian Culture
I'm enquiring about: Discover Ethiopia 16-day Private Tour
I'm enquiring about: Discover Ethiopia 16-day Private Tour

Discover Ethiopia 16-day Private Tour


On this extensive (and one of our most popular) private, tailor-made individual tour,  you visit the best known of Ethiopia's historical attractions including Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela and Axum, as well as the spectacular scenery of the Simien Mountains, the Rift Valley Lakes region, spectacular Bale Mountains National Park and the Blue Niles Falls.

Ethiopia has among the largest complements of endemic birds and mammals of any African country, so for nature enthusiasts who also want to immerse themselves in Ethiopia's fascinating historical and culural aspects, this is the option to choose. 

You stay in comfortable accommodation throughout. Our excellent, highly experienced, dedicated English-speaking guides and competent drivers, will ensure that you are in the most capable hands during your stay.

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Day 1
Fly from London on an overnight Ethiopian Airlines flight to Addis Ababa.
Day 2
Day 2
Addis Ababa
On arrival, your guide will drive you to the Jupiter International Hotel. An afternoon city tour including visits to Entoto Hills, some of the city's more spectacular cathedrals and the National Museum, where you see among other exhibits, the bones of 'Lucy'. Overnight here, breakfast included.
Accommodation: Jupiter International Hotel
Day 3
Day 3
Bahir Dar
Transfer to the airport to fly to Bahir Dar, on the shores of the deep blue Lake Tana. Your guide will take you to the Zeghe Peninsula to see some of the island monasteries. Overnight in a suite at Abayminch Lodge, all meals included. Optional upgrade to Kuriftu Resort & Spa, from £90 per person sharing, per night.
Accommodation: Abayminch Lodge
Day 4
Day 4
Enjoy an excursion to the Blue Niles Falls, Africa's second largest waterfalls, and then to the vibrant market of Bahir Dar.
Day 5
Day 5
Simien Mountains National Park
After breakfast, depart on the 2 - 3 hour journey to Gondar and then 2 hours onward to the Simien Mountains, where you overnight in an en-suite chalet at Simien Lodge, all meals included. You can drive up to Chennek to seek the critically endangered Walia ibex - of which less than 500 remain with none in captivity - and in the lodge grounds, the iconic Gelada monkey (the only primate to graze) is common.
Accommodation: Simien Lodge
Day 6
Day 6
Spend today exploring the awe inspiring Simien mountains, where you can take in some of the most dramatic scenery in Africa. In the early morning, you will be driven up to Sankaber Camp, which will be your base. The Simien Mountains National Park is a World Heritage Site and contains great volcanic plugs, formed 40 million years ago, and now shaped into fantastic crags and flat topped mountains. Seek out the endemic Gelada or Bleeding- heart monkeys (formerly thought to be baboons), the Walia ibex and many endemic birds, especially raptors including Lammergeier and Ruppells griffon vultures.
Return to Gondar, founded in 1636 by Emperor Fasilidas who chose Gondar as his imperial seat. Here you can explore the Imperial Compound, with its enchanting 'Fasilidas' castles, still in very good condition. Overnight stay in Mayleko Lodge, all meals included.
Day 7
Day 7
Transfer to the airport for the morning flight to Lalibela. Here you will be taken to see some of the famed rock-hewn churches which are cut into the rugged mountainsides. Stay 2 nights at Maribela Hotel, all meals included. Your guide and driver will take you to see the first cluster of rock-hewn churches in this World Heritage Site
Day 8
Day 8
Visit Ashetun Mariam and Yemrehane Christos, two of the most spectacular churches outside of Lalibela. You can also make a short mule trip if you wish, but this is by no means essential. Please note that stairs leading to some of the churches can be quite demanding but your guide will be happy to assist you if need be.
Day 9
Day 9
Fly to Axum in northern Ethiopia where you will see the incredible monolithic obelisks or stelae, the Queen of Sheba's Bath, the church where it is said the Ark of the Covenant is housed, and an interesting museum. Overnight in a suite at the simple Sabean Hotel, all meals included. Please note that there are no good hotels in Axum, but the Sabean is the best of the town's existing accommodation.
Day 10
Day 10
Axum - Addis Ababa - Lake Langano
Transfer to Axum airport for the flight back to Addis Ababa where you will be met by your guide and driver. Travel southwards by land with your guide into the Rift Valley to Lake Langano, where the lakeland scenery is home to an abundance of water birds. In the woods around the hotel you can find a selection of mammals and numerous birds. Overnight at the very relaxed Sabana Beach Lodge, all meals included.
Accommodation: Sabana Beach Resort
Day 11
Day 11
Bale Mountains National Park
Drive overland to Goba in the Bale Mountains National Park, via the park HQ in Dinsho. In the juniper woods around Dinsho, keep a lookout for endemic mammals like the Mountain nyala and Menelik's bushbuck. There is excellent birding here, with local specials including one of Africa's finest songsters, the Abyssinian catbird. Stay 3 nights in Bale Mountains Lodge, all meals included.
Accommodation: Bale Mountain Lodge
Day 12
Day 12
Sanetti Plateau moorlands, Bale Mountains National Park
Your guide and driver take you for a drive up to the high-lying Sanetti Plateau, where wildlife enthusiasts come to look for the world's rarest canid, the Simien wolf. They are easy to see - most of the approx. 400 individuals are concentrated in Bale. Their future remains very precarious, as a rabies outbreak which started among feral dogs in villages around the park, killed a substantial proportion of the wolves in Bale during the last year. Watching these beautiful animals hunt by day for their favourite prey - giant mole rats - is an unforgettable experience!
The Sanetti Plateau is included in all birding itineraries to Ethiopia, because it is the best place for endemics like the Blue-winged goose (Africa's only true goose), Spot-breasted lapwing and Rouget's rail. All of these are easy to see at puddles or small ponds along the road.
Accommodation: Bale Mountain Lodge
Day 13
Day 13
Bale Mountains National Park - Harenna Forest excursion
Excursion to the wonderful Harenna Forest, where the lodge is located. This vast evergreen forest is a treasure trove for naturalists, with several new reptiles and frogs discovered here in recent years. Mammals present include lion, giant forest hog, warthog, Menelik's bushbuck and birds are abundant and diverse. Regularly seen highlights include Narina trogon, White-cheeked turacou and look around the lodge for Abysinnian catbird.
Day 14
Day 14
Lake Langano - Rift Valley Lakes region
Depart Bale National Park today for Lake Langano to stay overnight at Sabana Resort with all meals included. (Alternatively it is now possible to take the recently upgraded road back to Addis Ababa, which involves a full day's drive (8hrs)
Accommodation: Sabana Beach Resort
Day 15
Day 15
Lake Langano - Addis Ababa
Return to Addis overland with some very interesting stops along the way. In the evening you will be taken to see a traditional dance and music. Overnight at the Jupiter International Hotel or if your flight departs after midnight you will be transferred to the airport for the Ethiopian Airlines check-in.
Accommodation: Jupiter International Hotel
Day 16
Transfer to Addis Ababa airport for your mid-morning Ethiopian Airlines flight to London. Arrive Heathrow in the evening.

Pricing Information & Dates

16 day tour, from £4970 - £5400 per person
Price Includes:
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
Price Includes
- International Ethiopian Airlines flights (from London Heathrow, economy class seating),
- domestic Ethiopian Airlines flights, departure taxes
- airport facilitation, all transfers and internal travel with all private transportation
- services of your full-time, experienced, English-speaking escort-guide and of drivers
- national park permits and park guide fees
- entrance fees and local guide fees, all excursions and activities as outlined
- all accommodation as per itinerary with all meals (full board everywhere except in Addis Ababa where it is B&B).
Price Excludes
- Ethiopian visa (US$50, issued on arrival)
- lunch and dinner in Addis Ababa
- items of a personal nature (tips, phone calls, drinks, laundry, travel insurance) are not included.
Price Notes
Price is based on two adults travelling together and sharing twin or double room accommodation.
For extensions to locations such as Simien Mountains, contact us.

Tour Route Map

  1.   Bahir Dar & Lake Tana
  2.   Gondar
  3.   Lalibela
  4.   Axum
  5.   Simien Mountains
  6.   The Ethiopian Rift Valley
  7.   Bale Mountains

Accommodation on this Tour

Abayminch Lodge
Abayminch Lodge
Bahir Dar & Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Abayminch Lodge Abayminch Lodge is one of the most popular places to stay in Bahir Dar. It's near the Abay Bridge and is set in a large, former coffee plantation where you can stroll among the......
Bale Mountain Lodge
Bale Mountain Lodge
Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Bale Mountain Lodge At an elevation of 2600 metes above sea level in the middle of the stunning evergreen Harenna Forest and fronted by a small river in Bale Mountains......
Jupiter International Hotel
Jupiter International Hotel
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Jupiter International Hotel Jupiter International Hotel (Kazanchis branch) is one of two Jupiter hotels in Addis Ababa. The first is in the heart of the city (Kazancis suburb) and there......
Sabana Beach Resort
Sabana Beach Resort
The Ethiopian Rift Valley, Ethiopia
On the shores of Lake Langano in the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes region, Sabana Beach Resort has a relaxed, holiday feel to it and makes for the perfect end after a busy itinerary exploring areas such as the Bale Mountains National Park or the Omo region.
Simien Lodge
Simien Lodge
Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
Simien Lodge is currently the only accommodation in the Simien Mountain National Park which is listed as a World Heritage site because of the incredible views and the endemic animals.

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'Overall holiday satisfaction: excellent.  Loved the Simien Lodge; could have stayed another night.  Our trip to Ethiopia was truly amazing; one we will never forget. The people are beautiful, friendly and very welcoming. The scenery and wildlife are incredible and the wildlife fascinating. Our guide, Yohannes, was first class. His knowledge of the history of Ethiopia and of the birds, wildlife, flora etc is outstanding. All the drivers were excellent'. 



Mr and Mrs Perry
March 16, 2016

'Really appreciated having an excellent, single guide with us throughout. We had not experienced this before and thought it worked very well. 

Overall holiday satisfaction: Excellent. 

Gardens of Abyaminch Lodge were excellent. Choices for evening meals seemed better when more guests were staying.

Simien Lodge is a great hotel in a fantastic location - would have stayed an extra night. 

Mayleko Lodge (Gondar): excellent room - the best all holiday. 

Sabean Hotel: excellent comfort, good in all other respects. Better than we had been led to expect! 

Bishangari Lodge: excellent in all respects. Very well run hotel in fantastic location. Food was particularly good. 

Bale Mountains Lodge: comfort excellent. Overvall this lodge was a disappointing experience as our expectations had been raised quite high for it. Service: the local people on the staff were very helpful. Schemes in place for the local community seemed well thought out and are an excellent initiative.

The holiday was really good and as you will know a fantastic combination of history, culture and wildlife that would be tricky to reproduce in such a short period in most other countries' 


Mr and Mrs Smith
February 26, 2016

'The trip was wonderful and it is really a beautiful country.  We had a great time and it certainly met and often exceeded our expectations.  Eyob, our guide, was fabulous as were the drivers'

Mr and Mrs Robbins
January 13, 2016

Service from tour operator: excellent. Overall satisfaction: excellent. All guides were good or even excellent. We enjoyed this trip so much that we are thinking of visiting again.

John and Angela Brown
October 31, 2013
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