The Ethiopian Rift Valley

Derek Schuurman
Derek Schuurman Product Manager Madagascar and Alternative Africa
"Ethiopia offers a radically different African experience - the historical sites, unusual wildlife and the people - notably of the South Omo - are utterly fascinating."

The Ethiopian Rift Valley Accommodation

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Aregash Lodge
Ethiopia, The Ethiopian Rift Valley
Beautifully located on the lip of a small forested gorge in a lush, sub-tropical area, Aregash Lodge has a relaxed feel to it and is ideal for those wanting to relax after a busy tour around Ethiopia.
  • Comfort/Charm
  • Eco
  • Gourmet
  • Hideaway
  • Wildlife
Sabana Beach Resort
Ethiopia, The Ethiopian Rift Valley
On the shores of Lake Langano in the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes region, Sabana Beach Resort has a relaxed, holiday feel to it and makes for the perfect end after a busy itinerary exploring areas such as the Bale Mountains National Park or the Omo region.
  • Comfort/Charm
  • Eco
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