Amanda Sweeney
Amanda Sweeney Product Manager
"An Australis cruise is an exhilarating way to explore the wild and beautiful fjords in the far south of Chile."

La Serena - Astronomy Holidays

Along the Panamericana highway, 474 km from Santiago, stretched across golden coastline you will find La Serena, one of Chile’s oldest cities. Just a short flight north of Santiago, La Serena’s merits make it a popular destination for those fascinated by astronomy, who can’t resist looking up and being captivated by the constellations of a starry night sky. The region’s weather conditions of dry air and up to 300 cloud free nights, with a total absence of light pollution, are perfect for stargazing from the public astronomical observatories. In the heart of the remote valley sits Elqui Domos a hotel specially designed for star gazing. This fun and quirky hotel, with seven spherical domes and four wooden houses, has a wonderful feeling of isolated intimacy for you to enjoy while you are bewildered by the stunning starry sky-scape. The area is also famous for its colonial architecture, stone churches, pretty plazas and flourishing pisco (grape brandy) vineyards.

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