Derek Schuurman
Derek Schuurman Product Manager Madagascar and Alternative Africa
"Ethiopia offers a radically different African experience - the historical sites, unusual wildlife and the people - notably of the South Omo - are utterly fascinating."

Addis Ababa Holidays

The world’s third highest capital, Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s gateway city with more than enough to keep visitors entertained for a day or two. The starting point of any tour of Ethiopia, Addis is a busy and vibrant city, one of Africa’s most interesting urban centres. The city houses the headquarters of the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and a host of  NGOs and international bodies. The presence of such important international organisations has resulted in the establishment of a range of comfortable accommodation options and one of Africa’s most modern, hassle-free international airports.

What to see in Addis Ababa

Addis has a number of striking churches and cathedrals which are an excellent introduction for visitors heading north to the more famous sites on the popular Historical Circuit. Kiddist Selassie (Holy Trinity) Cathedral is the final resting place of the late Emperor Haile Selassie. The national museum is one of the best in Africa. Exhibits include the remains of “Lucy” – a 3½-million year old hominid - to artefacts from the Axumite and Gondarine periods. The Institute of Ethiopian Studies houses clothing from different regions along with artefacts, household utensils and, in a separate section, paintings reflecting the history and culture of the country.

Mount Entoto

Just outside the city is scenic Mount Entoto, the original site of the permanent camp established by Emperor Menelik II in 1881. At an elevation of 3,000m, Entoto commands sweeping views over the capital and surrounding countryside. Entoto  was abandoned as in 1889 and the settlement moved down to where the city presently is. There are still the remains of the Imperial Compound, including the churches of Mariam and the Archangel Raguel.

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People of Southern Ethiopia, Rift Valley & Debre Libanos
  • Adventure
  • Culture & History
  • Responsible
From £3750 per person
14 day holiday
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NOTHING can prepare one for the experience of meeting the wonderful people of Ethiopia, notably in the South Omo region. On very carefully and sensitively arranged individual, tailor-made tours to this remarkable part of the country, your experienced, professional guide will introduce you to tribes such as the Mursi, the Karo and the Hamar.
Wolves and Hyenas - Ethiopian Wildlife
  • Wildlife
From £4350 per person
12 day holiday
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Experience some of Ethiopia's top wildlife hotspots to see endemic species such as the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf and to attend a Hyena-feeding ritual at Harar.
Ethiopia Timkat Small Group Tour 2018
  • Culture & History
  • Small Group Tours
From £3135 per person
13 day holiday
Flights included
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The three-day festival of Timkat is Ethiopia's most spectacular event and on this small group tour you'll also see the country's top highlights including Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Simien Mountains, Gondar and Axum.
Classic Ethiopia Historical Tour
  • Culture & History
From £3225 per person
11 day holiday
Flights included
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Discover Ethiopia's most spectacular sites of historical and cultural significance on this private guided individual tour.
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