Candice Buchan
Candice Buchan Africa Product Manager
"" Possibly the most remote Islands I have ever been to, Sao Tome and Principe are completely off the beaten track""
São Tomé

Places To Go In São Tomé & Príncipe

Príncipe Island
Príncipe is the second largest island in the archipelago and reached by a 30-minute flight north from São Tomé. Smaller Príncipe is home to a mere 6,000 islanders. Just 19km long, its north coast is notched with castaway shores that include...
São Tomé Island
São Tomé is the largest island in the two archipelagos and home to the capital - also called São Tomé - and also the international airport. Most travellers who make it to São Tomé are nature-lovers, keen to try the trekking in...
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