Bom Bom Island Resort
Bom Bom Island Resort  
Bom Bom Island Resort  
Bom Bom Island Resort  
Bom Bom Island  
Principe golden weaver, one of several endemic species  
Beach-front bungalow at Bom Bom  
Garden view room at Bom Bom  
Room interior, Bom Bom  
Sea view bungalow at Bom Bom  
Beach at Bom Bom  
I'm enquiring about: Bom Bom Island Resort
I'm enquiring about: Bom Bom Island Resort

Bom Bom Island Resort

Príncipe Island, São Tomé & Príncipe

Set on a tiny, forested islet off the northern tip of Príncipe, Bom Bom (which means ‘Good Good’) is a place to escape the world without giving up on  comfort. The resort is reached by walking across a long wooden bridge from Principe, and its 20 bungalows have a serene and comfortable style with private verandahs and air conditioning. Some are on the beach, others look towards the sea, tropical gardens or pool, and there’s a large wood-decked lounge and restaurant serving locally-caught fish and South African wines. Excursions are designed to make the most of Príncipe’s pristine natural world, and include bird watching, rainforest hikes, trips by pirogue to see whales and plantation tours.

Accommodation Reviews

We had a lovely holiday. Principe and Bom Bom in particular were lovely. But so was getting a public bus across Sao Tome.

If there were things to be improved, one would be finding a better flight schedule. The trip back, landing at 4am in Lisbon was a bit gruesome.

But overall a great holiday.  Thanks you



Mr Pitt-Watson and Ms Barnes
March 2, 2017

'We got back yesterday and it was a great trip.  The journey is long though but overall TAP are good. When we got to  Principe we were given Room 3, the best hut right on beach.  Principe is something special we could have spent longer there

A great holiday thank you'



Mrs Hughes and Mr Ford
October 25, 2016

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