Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
I'm enquiring about: Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
I'm enquiring about: Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge


Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is a joint venture between the local community who own the lodge, and Governor's Camps, the Kenyan company who have designed and built it. The eight cottages, built in local stone, are spacious and comfortable, with fully equipped bathrooms, and magnificent views of the park.

Accommodation Reviews

'The Nomad Lodge (Lamai) is very well run. Beautiful, fantastic, really really good. The couple who manage it is lovely. The Nairobi hotel near the airport  (Ole Sereni) was very good. Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge at PNV is very good. Loved the Gorillas!

We really enjoyed Arusha Coffee Lodge. Greystoke Mahale was great. We loved the pet Pelican! Lamai Serengeti was worth paying for. Top drawer!. I've always wanted to see the migration and we saw a BIG one - a major crossing - some ten thousand Wildebeest crossing, with Crocs taking some of them. Standard of the accommodations and hospitality was fantastic. We will go back!'

Brown and Porter party
December 1, 2015

First class, great host!

B Cannon
November 2, 2013

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is an excellent location [close to Volcanoes national park], with good service, meals and facilities.

A Prophet
February 28, 2011

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