Gisakura Resthouse
I'm enquiring about: Gisakura Resthouse
I'm enquiring about: Gisakura Resthouse

Gisakura Resthouse


Gisakura Resthouse is situated by the main road, on the edge of Nyungwe National Park, close to the Gisakura Tea Estate. It is part of the ORTNP ranger station/park headquarters, and since it is near the park, it makes an ideal base from which to explore. Although the accommodation is simple, the staff are very hospitable, and meals are freshly prepared.


Single and twin rooms are available, but you will have to share bathrooms. There is hot water, via electric water heaters.


Meals are served at a communal table. As meals are freshly prepared, it’s advisable to pre-order dinner, probably the night before if you are leaving early in the morning.

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